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I'm pretty sure DWS couldn't name herself without a cue card.
Give me 1 hour and a couple of search utilities I use regularly and I bet you the national debt I can find them. Of course the fact is they don't want them to be found - for all the obvious reasons.
Browning was the genius behind Colt, and the 1911 design is still one of the most reliable semi-auto handguns in existence. And there is a near cult following for them, myself included. It's really a study in stupidity though that Colt as a company has gone down this path - and unfortunately for them they deserve their demise. Getting in bed with the government simply confirms the old adage - lie down with dogs and wake up with fleas.
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. And America gets fooled again.
Had enough lies yet America? Obama and his merry band of thugs are covering up, pure and simple. Special prosecutor or torches and pitchforks time?
Makes me feel real patriotic knowing that the well into six figures I pay in taxes each year goes to support bonuses for people who can't or don't pay their taxes. Americans everywhere should be howling for the demolition of the IRS - and that should extend to people of all political persuasions. Alas, the left sees nothing, knows nothing.
Great article Dr. Carson, though I would take exception to one of your statements. Why should ownership of fighter planes or tanks - or any other weapons for that matter - be the purview of the government only? I know some would say that's absurd, but IMO the intent of the 2nd Amendment was to ensure that the citizens had equal firepower to their government in the event the government turned tyrannical. And no, I'm not advocating for private ownership of WMD's such as nuclear weapons, and not really suggesting that I would be comfortable with private ownership of tanks and fighters, merely stating that we the people have allowed the accumulation of far too much authority and power to the government. I would rather these weapons were under the control of the populace than a government that seems more and more inclined to use them on it's own citizens.
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Don't Dump Pennsylvania's Governor

Mark6137 Wrote: Apr 17, 2014 10:56 AM
As a PA resident I have to agree. Corbett may not be a fire breathing dragon of a conservative, but compared to any of the Democrats vying for the office he's head and shoulders above them. Hopefully my fellow PA citizens will see past the union hype and leftist calls for destructive taxes and do the right thing. And if Philadelphia actually was in NJ it would not even be in doubt.
They never stop, never give up, never quit trying to take firearms away from the law-abiding citizen. Feinstein and the rest of the gun-grabbers know that they cannot force their socialist utopia on America as long as free people have the means and will to resist them. And resist we must.
Ok great - let's stop enforcing Obamacare.
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