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Who will watch the watchers? Expecting the government to police their own is laughable at best and totally ridiculous at worst. Nothing will change until enough of us - the great unwashed masses - descend on DC and demand it. It matters not one bit who we elect at this point, the corruption of our government runs too deep and long. America is going to have to crash and burn and start over before anything will get better - if it can. Sorry to be so pessimistic, but repeating the same mistakes over and over and expecting a different result is insanity.
You know what they say about payback. As far as I'm concerned no privately held business should be compelled by the law to do business with anyone they don't want to do business with for whatever their reasons might be. And I mean that for either side of this issue. The market and consumers will figure out whether they support or abhor a business owner's stance on an issue and determine for themselves whether that business thrives or dies. The government has no place in this.
Did anyone really expect Cuba to suddenly become America's friend? - other than Obama that is.
Unvarnished truth and succinctly put. Well done Mr. Hawkins!
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No Longer a Republican

Mark6137 Wrote: Dec 22, 2014 9:38 AM
Amen Mr. Barber! It's far past time that the GOP receive their comeuppance and that people with Christian beliefs and values take a stand. I agree that the cost of doing so may result in a President Shrillary, and perhaps a Democrat stranglehold for the foreseeable future. But at least we'll know who are enemies are, and not be continually betrayed by our supposed allies. Time to make some big changes - or watch America crumble.
At least they were honest in saying that it would be too expensive and unsustainable. Of course that won't stop liberals from trying to do this country wide - despite all the evidence that it cannot and does not work.
Mr. Hawkins lays out the truth but don't expect anyone other than those who believe in common sense and personal responsibility to agree. For far too many these days blaming someone else for their problems is the only thing they do.
I expect that if anyone tried to break-in and mug me and my wife they would be leaving the premises in a body bag. This dweeb on the other hand should just walk around with a "kick me" sign on his back since he can't muster enough courage to condemn criminals for criminal acts.
I'm pretty sure DWS couldn't name herself without a cue card.
Give me 1 hour and a couple of search utilities I use regularly and I bet you the national debt I can find them. Of course the fact is they don't want them to be found - for all the obvious reasons.
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