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She could not run HP, how could she lead USA?
The entire thought process of not eating in front of Muslims during this time is absurd. They are following their faith, as such, it should not bother them when others eat or drink in front of them. Others are simply following their own personal faith. I am losing confidence in our government and military. How can we send men and women to combat and then tell them they cannot practice Christianity?
If women cannot afford their own contraceptives, then their men should provide the money for them. Sexual activity takes responsibility on both sides. The best would be for everyone to wait until married.
It is sad to see the president act like he still has the authority to reverse the Supreme Court ruling. No one can pick and choose which rules of law to follow. Where has the maturity and leadership gone in DC? I am so tired of politicians leading the news. There are other things going on that are more important than grown-ups having tantrums.
If a company behaves this way, you can be sure federal authorities would raid the place and there would be arrests. Our government functioning outside of the law should concern all of us. At what point, do all of our laws become meaningless?
How convenient.
Support Gov Walker
He should apologize.
I believe Mr. Barber is on point with the moral relativism, right vs. wrong, and good vs. evil, We will all answer to Him one day to account for ourselves. I am saddened by the state of the United States. The problem is moral. I never imagined the social issues and political posturing that is now going on. The United States was created through the divine providence of God. However, now we are busy throwing away our country. We are rapidly approaching end times.
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