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The Education Blob

mark4teach Wrote: Jul 04, 2012 11:29 AM
The worst that happen to education was when the Dept. of Education was created. How can Washington tell some school district on the west coast what should be taught? THE STATES, cannot know the needs of each district. Give them a block grant, tell them to spend it on what they need.
Since progressives want government to run health care, let's look at what government management did to K-12 education. While most every other service in life has gotten better and cheaper, American education remains stagnant.

Spending has tripled! Why no improvement? Because K-12 education is a virtual government monopoly -- and monopolies don't improve.

In every other sector of the economy, market competition forces providers to improve constantly. It's why most things get better -- often cheaper, too (except when government interferes, as in health care).

Politicians claim that education and health care are different -- too important to leave to market...