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Oregon Union Sues District for Limiting Dancing, Heckling Subs on School Property During Strike

mark4teach Wrote: Oct 21, 2012 2:02 PM
From the video I did not see teachers on school property. I did see teachers on public sidewalks. Which they have the right to be on. Seem to me Mr. Olson is misleading. Unions do not select the board members. Members are elected by the people who live within the district. Any school is as good or bad depending on how well parents will back teachers. Parents have blame teachers because their child will not do his homework, late for school.Teachers teach students 6 hrs. per day. They have no control what happens the other 18 hrs. ex. homework being completed, place for students to study, home life, importance of education from the parents. Parents have taken their failing students out of school to go on family vacations.
Ginamero Wrote: Oct 21, 2012 4:32 PM
I have never blamed a teacher because my child did not complete or turn in his homework nor have any of my children failed...don't come on here and expect sympathy for a union - especially a teacher's union. And do not tell us we are not the ones raising our children correctly. Mr. Olson NEVER said the video showed the teachers on school property. Your entire post is pointless.
Old Carpenter Wrote: Oct 21, 2012 3:48 PM
Mr. Olson did not say the video showed the teachers on school property. He said the union was sueing because the teachers weren't allowed to picket on school property. He also never said that the union selected the school board members, just that the union doesn't seem to believe thjat the board should have any say in what goes on on the school campus.

The Eagle Point Education Association has filed suit against the district’s school board, claiming the board chilled its “free speech” rights because it banned picketing on school property during a May teachers strike.

The school board also angered the union by passed a resolution limiting signs and banners on school property and prohibiting teachers from using school email accounts.

The union believes it can do anything it pleases – including walking out on students – and not face consequences. Yet union officials were angered when the school board decided to draw the line during the teachers strike by not allowing...