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On Labor Day, Unions Have Nothing to Celebrate

mark4teach Wrote: Sep 03, 2012 3:12 PM
Hate to tell you, no retire teacher in California is receiving $100,000/year. Administrators yes, teachers no. the average teacher makes about $50,000/ year. They do not pay into SSI. Therefore when they retire they cannot collect SSI. The only way a teacher can collect SSI is if they have enough quarters in SSI. Even then they only get about 75% of what they would have gotten. After 30 years a teacher in Calif. will receive about 70% of their regular pay. Also teachers do not get paid summer vacations. Money is taken from their pay check every month to pay for the summers they are off.

For labor unions around the country, this Labor Day serves as a painful reminder that when they decided to go all-in for Obama in 2008, they alienated the rest of us non-government, non-union members- the 99 Percent- who have to go out and earn our keep every day. And that alienation is being expressed in political defeats by unions around the country. 

I’m wondering if the unions are starting to regret their investment in Obama.

Unions dumped $450 million into the Obama effort in 2008, according to the New York Times, hoping that they’d buy political clout with Obama that...

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