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The above apples to all students, Lee Nason is correct.
Lee Nason, I agree with you 100 percent. I've been a classroom teacher for 25 years, teaching 7th grade math and currently AutoCAD. it's easier to remember something when you understand the process, than it is to simply memorize it. When students are wrong you still tell they are are wrong, but then you go through the process with them.
I'm not sure you all know what common core is. In Calif. common core simply means that if a student takes Geometry in one school, then transfers to another school that teaches Geometry, they can pick up where they left off at the school that they use to attend. To make simple, every teacher is on the same page. To many times we get students from other schools where the subjects do not line up. Its make its defficult for the student.
I live in Stockton. Stockton city made a number of bad decisions in the past. If the pensions are out of line, why did the city agree to them. Don't put this all on the union. The city did not have to agree to these pension. The way the housing market was going up, the way Stockton was growing. The city council fell that the good times would go on for ever. For the record, I am not pro union. Just you all need to understand, there is lots of blame to go around.
I agree that there are bad teachers. They should be dealt with. However just remember teachers in Calif are paid for 180 days. We do not get paid vacation, or holidays. Money is taken from our pay checks to carry us over the rest of the year. I have not seen an raise in 10 years. Yes, I am a member of a union, and consider a conservative.I have a Master's with 120 units over my degree and make less money then my brother-in-law ($20,000 less) who has a B.A.
It would be kinda hard for a substitiute to teach my class. I teach Autocad, and another program called Revit. For those of you who don't know these two programs. Both programs are use the engineering field. There are only four teachers in my district who can teach these classes, I am one of those 4. The last program Revit, I'm the only one who can teach this class. Subs could not do my job. I have a tech. degree from Fresno State, Industrial Tech.-Construction. Most substitiutes could not replace any high school classroom teacher. We have a teacher with a doctorate in Physic. Several with Masters in their field. I teach in a public high school, we get about 6000-7000 dollars per student. Mr. Olson only focus on the bad schools.
From the video I did not see teachers on school property. I did see teachers on public sidewalks. Which they have the right to be on. Seem to me Mr. Olson is misleading. Unions do not select the board members. Members are elected by the people who live within the district. Any school is as good or bad depending on how well parents will back teachers. Parents have blame teachers because their child will not do his homework, late for school.Teachers teach students 6 hrs. per day. They have no control what happens the other 18 hrs. ex. homework being completed, place for students to study, home life, importance of education from the parents. Parents have taken their failing students out of school to go on family vacations.
In California, teachers who teach the core subjects have to teach to a pacing guide. They do not have time for re-indoctrination. Ever wonder why Mr. Olson focus only on the bad school districts? Yes, there are some, but there are also school districts who are making headway to improve the quality of education. You can create all the charter schools, private schools you want. But what really makes a difference in a student education is their family. How important is education to the parents. I've seen parents who have 48" screen tv (that they pay big money for), but no computer in the house. I have a 32" tv and four computers in my house. Until you have walk in the shoes of a teacher Mr. Olson and others have no idea what they are saying.
I'm not defending unions. But, our education system will not get better until parents and students are held accountable. This will never happen, parents have the votes, educators do not.
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You Can't Teach Liberals Anything

mark4teach Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 10:39 AM
I have one question to ask you? Have you ever taught, and how many years? Until you have been there done that you really cannot make that kind of judgement. My father was a teacher for 32 years, he believe that teachers had to be a cut above the rest of the public. Yes he was a member of a union, and a conservative as I am. Both my sister and I are public school teachers. I have tech. degree, she graduated with honors from college. Our school district get about $6000 per student, well below what the school district in large cities get. By the way I live in Stockton, CA.
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Public Unions are Public Enemy No. 1

mark4teach Wrote: Sep 13, 2012 11:00 AM
School administrators have an almost unlimited amount of funding? Are you kidding me. I teach at a school with 2000 students. We had 5 VP, we are down to 3. That means each VP is responsible for around 650 students each, plus another 50 staff each. We had 8 counselors, we're down to 4 counselors. Each counselor is responsible for around 500 students each. This mean they have to make sure the students are on track to graduate. I have to buy my own supplies for my classroom. I pay $600.00 per month for health insur. Haven't seen a raise in almost 8 years. Have Master's and tech degree. Been teaching for 25 years, make around $75,000/year work an average of 8 hours per day. No pay summer vacation.
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