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Union Teacher: John Ransom is an Idiot

mark4967 Wrote: Jul 09, 2012 12:27 PM Read this and understand. Our government created the UN, our government wrote the above plan to disarm the worlds people and military's as they build up the UN peacekeeping force. Our nations leaders sold out our people in 1961. They devised the plan to give the UN control over our population through international law. This was treason, and is treason today. We the people are subject to a corrupt and subverted government that is out to destroy this nation intentionally, as we are the only one's in there way. We the people will be the only one's to save this Republic. Get ready folks, the big one is right around the corner. Stock up on God, guns n grub folks. Educate others.
Pamela166 Wrote: Jul 09, 2012 2:19 PM
That's because the "american" that helped create that POS was a COMMUNIST. WHy bdo you think that the 2nd in command in the UN has ALWAYS been a Russian. Nixon called him on it as did Senator McCarthy and they BOTH got trashed by the ignorant liberal democrats.

I got a lot of comments from the semi-official-always-hilarious Facebook site for the teachers' union regarding my story Teachers’ Union Expelled from School District.

Welcome, to a whole new batch of comrades!   

Kallie wrote: I would like to know the educational experience of John Ransom, or if not experience, the level of research he has conducted on public schools. - Teachers’ Union Expelled from School District

Dear Comrade Kallie,

I’m a parent. That’s makes me a primary consumer of education.

Yes, I know. You think kids are the consumers. But really...

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