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Obama Should Help America Heal

mark4967 Wrote: Jul 23, 2013 9:58 AM
By the way, all this Trayvon stuff is about to go away. Why? Because the narrative of a fourteen year old angel is about to be replaced with the truth of a seventeen year old thug who was using a drug cocktail called Lean. The prosecution knew this and witheld the information. In fact, the reason he went to the store and had a watermelon drink and skittles is because those are two of the three ingredients. Just add liquid codiene or Robitussin and sip it. It makes a person psychotic, paranoid, aggitated and aggresive...imagine that. research this and learn the truth. Trayvon was a seventeen year old thug who had been using this cocktail for two years, he was kicked out of school for fighting. He was found to have a burglary tool and stolen jewelry on him as well......that's the real narrative of who Trayvon was. Sad, because it's way to typical and it's the reason people of all races, even black folks, profile. By the way, the only reason profiling is a bad thing, is because they make it sound that way. Heck, anyone who understands situational awareness profiles. Just like conspiracy theorists are marginalized. But in truth, people conspire on virtually all things. Go into business, plan, network, etc. you are conspiring. A theory is often but a fact unproven. Once proven it's no longer a theory. Today, people conspire to usher in a new globalist one world order and in that process, America must be destroyed. They are doing it in real time, freedom is soon to be but a memory for many. Death will be a reality for many of the rest.
Rondoman Wrote: Jul 23, 2013 10:07 AM
This has got to be one of the most deliberately dishonest prosecutions of all time.