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Gun Confiscation Underway in New York

mark4967 Wrote: Dec 05, 2013 5:15 PM
Reading the comments saddens me due to the population putting the hate on the citizens of New York instead of the politicians that created this mess. Sure, one can say the citizens voted them in, but then the informed know that the vote is subverted and totally fraudulent today. So, the onous shold be on the government, not the people. As it was said, first they came for the guns n NY, and we did nothing, because it was not us, then they came for the guns in ILL, and CA, and we did nothing, then they came for the rest of the guns and it was too late. People, the tyranny is coming from those who wish to disarm the population so those in power can finish the transformation of the new world government. It's all easily researched in "Freedom from War". It's your duty as a constitutional conservative to do due diligence in this research. It's an easy state dept document to read. They litterally state the US will come under the UN's laws, to be enforced by the UN, hence the need to take freedom lovers guns from the US population. By the way, the same document states there will be a police state in every nation state in this new world order. Think about the expansion of the NSA that is coming to the light of truth. This will be the hub of all intel for this Nazi police state to attain it's intel from....people, world war is coming. Stock a deep pantry, an army runs on it's stomach. Food is the most crucial asset in the coming days, get it while the getting is good. Educate others, prepare wisely, and network with those who have eyes to see. Then, when the curtain of evil falls, we unite and fight the traitors, not based on race, but based on ideology. Those who want to enslave us will pay the price.
It's about the money, and the freedom.... a new world order will strip us of our American sovreignty. They are in the process of crashing the worlds economy's and stripping the middle class of all it's wealth. There will only be an elite class and a slave class. Wake up, never surrender to the tyranny.
The entire government needs to be removed. Obama alone means nothing. The government that created the UN, is fully involved in transitioning our sovereignty over to the UN. That's our government, if you dare call them ours......"freedom from war". research it. Tyranny, as clear and transparent as Obama's anti American stance.
We will never recover. Both parties are on the same ticket, the new world order ticket. They are two sides of the same coin, heads you lose, tails they win. Good cop bad cop is their chosen device, divide and conquer as ill informed citizens play their game, like is being done on townhall daily. Keeps the sheeple focused, discussing a game they are not actually allowed to play. There will be no recovery, only subject slavery as the middle class is wiped out.
The vote was stolen. Now, they have perfected the paperless vote and will be employing it nationally, the end of any chance to have a true vote is long over and will not be returning. The soap box is corrupt due to a corrupt media. The ballot box is corrrupt due to electronic voting fraud and fraud in general. The only box left is the ammo box, that's whey they have been buying up the ammo......
Fifty fifty. We either will or we won't. Knowing the historical foundation of freedom loving Americans, I wouldn't bet against us.....Be prepared.
They put it in print in 1961. Freedom From War, say's it all. google it, pass it on.
Educate others, prepare wisely and network with those who have eye's to see. Then when the final line is crossed, unite as freedom loving Americans. An army runs on it's stomach!
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Lies About Trade Agreements

mark4967 Wrote: Jul 23, 2013 10:00 AM
Come on, why even pretend that it has anything to do with an inept gov. The totality of our reality is clear that this is all part of the process to destroy this nation and usher in a new world order. Tell it like it is, as you know the truth. We the people are under direct attack by a tyrannical government that is out to give up our sovereingty to international laws under the UN. The police state that has been built is part of this same process and outlined in "freedom from war". It's time to tell the truth and spell it out clearly. IT'S TYRANNY, IT'S TREASON. It's all being done intentionally, in your face, unconstitutionally and this block of writers ignore it. Why not do a month long expose of the truth? Let every writer take on a topic and expose the beast within. Education, Government, Media, the courts, Hollywood and the rest of the propaganda wings, the church (social justice) and so on and so forth. This internet is exploding with the proof of such tyranny, yet none dare call it for what it is.....
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Obama Should Help America Heal

mark4967 Wrote: Jul 23, 2013 9:58 AM
By the way, all this Trayvon stuff is about to go away. Why? Because the narrative of a fourteen year old angel is about to be replaced with the truth of a seventeen year old thug who was using a drug cocktail called Lean. The prosecution knew this and witheld the information. In fact, the reason he went to the store and had a watermelon drink and skittles is because those are two of the three ingredients. Just add liquid codiene or Robitussin and sip it. It makes a person psychotic, paranoid, aggitated and aggresive...imagine that. research this and learn the truth. Trayvon was a seventeen year old thug who had been using this cocktail for two years, he was kicked out of school for fighting. He was found to have a burglary tool and stolen jewelry on him as well......that's the real narrative of who Trayvon was. Sad, because it's way to typical and it's the reason people of all races, even black folks, profile. By the way, the only reason profiling is a bad thing, is because they make it sound that way. Heck, anyone who understands situational awareness profiles. Just like conspiracy theorists are marginalized. But in truth, people conspire on virtually all things. Go into business, plan, network, etc. you are conspiring. A theory is often but a fact unproven. Once proven it's no longer a theory. Today, people conspire to usher in a new globalist one world order and in that process, America must be destroyed. They are doing it in real time, freedom is soon to be but a memory for many. Death will be a reality for many of the rest.
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