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Spike Lee: Fine, Not Everyone Who's Unhappy with Obama is Racist

Mark4809 Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 3:07 PM
Spikey says "I can't say to all the people that are unhappy with him that they're racist people," True, the racists are those happy with O.

Even rabid Obama supporter Spike Lee has to admit that some small contingency of those unhappy with the president's performance are just, well, unhappy, and not totally racist. Baby steps! He even confessed to some doubt about Obama's prospects this fall:

"This thing is not a lock," the filmmaker told GQ in a recent interview. "It is not a lock that President Obama is getting a second term and people have to really rekindle the enthusiasm that we had the first time."

Lee, who hosted a fundraiser for the president in January, said that...

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