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Obama Redux? Welcome to Argentina

Mark4809 Wrote: Jul 12, 2012 4:18 PM
You might want to read Thomas Sowell on how the NEW DEAL caused the Great Depression to be much deeper than it needed. You might also want to go back to the professor who taught you to be so economically ignorant and kick him in the shins. By the way trickle-down is a poor term, wildly misleading and completely misunderstood - as you prove. Socialism is a pull-down system (except for the 1% running the show who OWN and contol everything). You work hard and the corrupt 1% will take it from you. Free market capitalism is a pull up system. You work hard, pull yourself up and take care of your family.

With a second term for Obama, the world-leading America we have known and hoped to leave to our children will be gone. Last Friday's jobs report confirms that Obama is well on his way to transforming America into a third world country, with declining living standards and perpetual economic stagnation.

Argentina enjoyed the world's fourth highest per capita GDP in 1929, on par with America at the time. But then the nation lost its way in embracing a leftist, union allied government, which took control of the economy and imposed wildly irresponsible taxes, spending, deficits, and debt. After World War...