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Add Victor Davis Hanson to the list as well. Ticks me off.
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5 Ways Liberalism Destroys Virtue

Mark4809 Wrote: Jul 13, 2012 2:02 PM
The 1%, the elite who should know better, are evil, The followers, those that still believe the enemedia, are simply misinformed and are making decisions based on bad data. They are simply tools.
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Obama Redux? Welcome to Argentina

Mark4809 Wrote: Jul 12, 2012 4:18 PM
You might want to read Thomas Sowell on how the NEW DEAL caused the Great Depression to be much deeper than it needed. You might also want to go back to the professor who taught you to be so economically ignorant and kick him in the shins. By the way trickle-down is a poor term, wildly misleading and completely misunderstood - as you prove. Socialism is a pull-down system (except for the 1% running the show who OWN and contol everything). You work hard and the corrupt 1% will take it from you. Free market capitalism is a pull up system. You work hard, pull yourself up and take care of your family.
One point. You are falling into the lefty trap by calling our Oil sands Tar sands. It's wrong, just like when progressives call socialist NAZI's right wingers.
Sorry boys, that long form Certificate has been shown to be bogus. Not surprised you have to call everyone who has taken the time to review the evidence as fools. Much like the warmers trash the "sceptics". We all know its the warmers who are lying. We all know it is Obama who is lying, yet here you are, all RINO'ed up, willing to believe that the cobbled together birth certificate is the real deal. You likely believe his composite girlfriends are the real thing too. Still, whether or not he was born in Hawaii (even though he previously claimed he was born in Kenya) is irrelevant. The man's father was Kenyan not American and therefore Obama is NOT a Natural Born citizen and is not qualified to be president.
Alloputz, really? I can tell everything you know about Palin you learned from the "media". You don't know how stupid they are making you. You probably think that the white-hispanic is guilty of stalking the little black thug Trayvon too. My guess is Obamao has your multiple votes locked up. Can you name any of Palin's legislative accomplishments?
Any Conservative who agrees to an interview with the enemedia should be prepared to record the event in its entirety so that the "news" people can't selectively, or untruthfully, edit the recording without being called on it. Secondly, I suggest some tough questions for the interviewer. Who says they are the only ones who get to drive the agenda? Prepare some gotcha questions exposing enemedia bigotry and bias and let 'em have it. Viral on You-tube in no time. It is time to challenge them.
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The Top 25 C.S. Lewis Quotes

Mark4809 Wrote: May 11, 2012 2:49 PM
"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive." Welcome to Progville, Obamaland.
"His remarks sparked comparisons to the 1950's "red scare" rhetoric of then-Senator Joseph McCarthy who launched investigations into claims that communists had infiltrated the government." Why not mention that the Venona files proved McCarthy was right? Seriously, why accept the left's (and the enemedia's) lies about Joe? All it does is allow them to shout down the debate by screaming "McCarthyism" whenever someone probes their actions too closely . The only victim destroyed by McCarthyism was Joe himself. If you think things have changed then just remember how Palin is still treated, or Reagan, or Clarence Thomas. The enemedia is filled with vile, immoral, progholes. Call them on it rather than accept their lunacy.
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Rosen: More to be Pitied Than Blamed

Mark4809 Wrote: Apr 12, 2012 2:14 PM
My wife stayed home to raise the kids. She worked part time when we needed the money but then I was home at that time. My wife is once again at home and here is the funny thing she found over the years. If she told people whe was a "stay at home" mom, she was treated with much disdain. However, if she chose instead to say she was "retired" then she was treate as special.
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