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Democrats like to talk but in reality most Americans aren't buying it and would rather have the CIA do what ever it takes to keep us safe.
"Don't we set a bad example when we behave like our enemies?" That is the only thing out enemies understand. They need to fear us more than they fear themselves.
I think they should all have to ride bikes and row boats to get there.
Why is she in the news? Really, who gives a rat's a$$ what sandra fluke has to say.
Why should the states obey obama?
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America Goes Rogue

Mark442 Wrote: Dec 10, 2014 9:17 AM
“There’s something weird going on,” he said, “even amongst the educated crowd, that surprises me.” What suprises me is that he would say that, 90% of the dem base is uneducated voters.
It is illegal, just ask Ken Lay....well if he was still alive.
So are these "law" students going to be able to practice law without getting too upset to do their jobs. It seems to me that we should be preparing these students for the real world not sheltering them from it.
We are Americans, We don't like it when a politicak party tells us what to do, what to eat and what to believe.
They should be cutting welfare not military budgets.
I think it's a matter of getting it on record.
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