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We have got to get obama out of the white house and run these crazy liberal/progressives out of town and restore some sanity to this country. This is nuts, we need to pack them up and send them back home.
Feet first....with a slab of bacon.
" The magazine calls for the stores to be hit on Friday during prayers so that Muslims won’t be affected." And that is when we will send muslims to join alah. Do they think they are the only ones that can fight dirty!
It's very hard to tell the "good" muslims from the bad muslims if the good ones don't stand up and fight to take their faith back. If they just sit by and watch this happen then they aren't any better than the ones committing these atrocities.
What did anybody expect when they voted for a guy that has never held a job in his life to run the country!
"Men are responsible as they have gladly embraced the narcissistic indulgence of lust and corruption at the expense of the women and children" WTF are you talking about? If women want equality, then start by accepting responsibility for your own actions not by blaming men.
"Politico added that Republicans fail to reach women from different economic backgrounds, namely the rising demographic of female breadwinners." If those women want to have any bread left to win they had better stop voting for democrats.
"In other words, North Korea is structured to feed the strong, do away with the “expendable,” and reward only those who are loyal to the state." Sounds like the democratic party to me.
According to the explicit verbiage of the Constitution, two-thirds of the upper chamber must assent to such an agreement in order for it to take on the binding effect of law. It sounds to me like the next president can undo that easy enough. Provided the next pres isn't a democrat.
Isn't that why obama is suing Rick Perry?
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