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Criminalizing Innocent Christian Behavior

Mark442 Wrote: 11 hours ago (11:03 AM)
I don't dislike gays because they are gay, I dislike them because they are a$$ holes!
if someone isn't sophisticated enough to get an ID do we really want them voting?
The constitution would be a great place to start.
"Obama told voters that Republicans mean well, but "just have bad ideas." I suppose Solndrya, Common Core, obamacare and "lead from behind" were really great ideas!
So let me get this straight, a daughter can have an abortion at 14 without her parents ever knowing about it. It's her choice. But we have to keep these same children on our insurance until they are 26.
They should be deploying them to our southern border not to Africa.
What's so disgusting about this is that liberals could care less about how many people die. They just care about winning elections no matter the cost no matter the lie no matter the lives lost.
" a member of the GOP has not held the position in 25 years." Ok people, have you not seen what happened to Detroit? Now it's happening in St. Louis. Why do blacks vote for democrats over and over again when you see the result of democrat's policies.
Gabby, Gabby, Gabby, you might think that because you wound up on the wrong of a gun you have some special insight into gun right. I'm here to tell you as a man that also found himself on the wrong end of a gun it's not fun. But I have never thought people shouldn't have the right to have guns. In fack I think everyone should trained from an early age to respect guns and taught how to use them. If you want to play the blame game, blame hollywood and hip-hop/rap music for making it cool to shoot people.
Is there no shame at all, these democrats will truly go to any lengths to get their way.
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