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They should teach nothing in college except what it takes to become an employable productive member of society. That's why we pay for our children to go to college, so they can get a job and move out of our house.
It's the same with marrige between a man and a woman, liberals suddenly think they know better.
I wonder if those students are aware that the police officers will put their lives on the line to protect them. Do they think Abu-Jamal would do that for anyone?
Socialist Europe is cutting taxes and cutting spending Hong Kong is fighting for democracy and America is going in the other direction. It all seems backwards to me.
We need to find what they fear most and use that against them, reverse terrorism if you will.
"the Secret Secret has failed to adequately and effectively deal with a threat is appalling" I feel the same way about obama.
They do, expand the budget three fold then cut it by one third.
"How could Mr. Gonzalez scale the fence and why didn’t officers immediately apprehend him?" How could Mr. Gonzalez scale the fence....the joke here is way too obvious.
Somehow I think if it were a muslim jailed buy Christian's obama would be all over it.
I don't want him hurt I just want him gone. He is a disgrace to the office and to this country.
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