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Ha ha, I love it. That is almost as in your face as that SOB obama is to consevatives.
yet Jews in America continue to vote for democrats.
Why is nobody is mentioning the parents of these children? What they have done is criminal. Sending these children off on their own is wrong on so many levels.
Works for me. I suspect that if America or any country for that matter would eradicate muslims from their shores many would follow their lead. It just seems that none have the courage to do it. I think the American people do it's just out elected officials that don't.
"Horse".....don't you mean Donkey!
He would seek to soothe the contention and seek “a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect.” The only thing terrorists understand is getting their butts kicked! As long as foolish leaders think they can reason with muslims there will be no peace. Not just in America, across the globe muslims need to be shown there will be no tolerance for their antics anywhere in the world.
As it is with most liberals, they say things like conservatives are going to "take down America" while she is using her office to do just that.
What is so disturbing about how democrats use minorities to get votes I don’t believe they have any intention of doing anything to benefit these groups. Not that they should treat any group differently from another. We are Americans and we should make policy based on what's best for all. But democrats lie to them and use these poor people for nothing more than political gain then brush them aside.
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