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As long as you mix them with pork by-products it will.
Satan presents sin to us as something pleasing and beautiful to be desired, and he presents false teaching as enlightening and life-changing. Millions follow his pied piper songs simply because they do not know God’s truth. That is obama!
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Is DWS Getting Fired?

Mark442 Wrote: Sep 18, 2014 11:07 AM
In democrat world there is no return on selling your soul to the devil. She is just lucky if she doesn't get thrown under the bus like most.
I think Superintendent Liston should have made an exception to the rule. Even if it opened another can of worms. It would sure look better defending the American flag and American pride than telling students to take the flags down.
Remember, obama talked all about our values....before he was elected. He just forgot about them after tha election. liberal, progressives, democrats all lie!
Their saving up for something big. Besides, you don't want to kill your fan base.
Don't eat desert but go on and be a gay pothead.....liberals are flippin insane!
Very much like Nazi Germany. In fact almost to a tee.
"Civilization as we know it today" Kinda sucks! I’m praying some good strong conservative leadership can right the ship and get us back to the constitution as it was written. Considering that things started getting really bad when pelosi & dirty harry took over 2/3rd of the government in 2006.
We don't allow other religions that conflict with our laws "David Koresh or polygamists” to name a few, why should we allow a religion that wants to kill us in the United States.
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