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This administration seems to have lots of money and fun little perks if you happen to be a pothead a thug, an illiterate useless parasite on society but if you lay your life on the line to protect this country you're SOL. I'm waiting for the day when obama needs protection and Secret Service steps aside.
We need to get rid of the coward in the white house then go after these usless vile wastes of human flesh and exterminate every last one of them.
So let me get this straight, They will need to tax the taxpayers more so the taxpayers can have healthcare. Wouldn't it be better to cut out the middleman (government) and just let the taxpayers pay for their own healthcare?
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Should Profiling Be Banned?

Mark442 Wrote: Dec 17, 2014 3:40 PM
So it's not ok to mention that the guy that just robbed you was a young black male. But if he's applying for a job you should hire him because he's a black male and the government says we need to have a certain amount of black males on the job. The same government that says we can't profile.
I agree but I think obama needs to do things the right way.
When is the brother in the white house going to realize that he's not the king of America.
It would have happened anyway, this is about caliphate. The USA is just a scape goat.
Why don't these oh so brave soldiers of allah fight an army. instead they attack children. Cowards, they are nothing but cowards! They will rot in heII.
I think the American people should get to decide not obama!
No, they probably spent 4 million on that and funneled the rest into the democratic war chest.
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