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What is so disturbing about how democrats use minorities to get votes I don’t believe they have any intention of doing anything to benefit these groups. Not that they should treat any group differently from another. We are Americans and we should make policy based on what's best for all. But democrats lie to them and use these poor people for nothing more than political gain then brush them aside.
I guess that's just obama leading from behind, and that translates to not leading at all.
Then they wouldn't be lawless now would they!
The problem with so many lies is after a while you can't keep them straight....isn't that right barak.
She should go live in Mexico then!
And then you would complain that Gov. Perry was being mean to Mexicans and obama would sue the state of Texas.
F'n democrats always getting caught red handed. Although I blame the MSM more than I do the democrats. It’s their job to keep them honest and they are just as bad.
I have never understood why there has been so much hate directed towards the Jews throughout history. It sure seems to me that muslims are much more deserving of that honor with their “religion of peace” and all.
I don't recall Jews wanting to wipe anyone off of the face of the earth.
Hmmm, he sounds like a liberal democrat.
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