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Yes, Steve, it's just so easy to fool all of you. The jobs report is figured the way it always has been and can't be controlled by either party. Keep looking over your shoulder.
Yes, Joycey, everyone should suffer when they die.
Another freedom loving conservative organization.
Yes, it's another of the welfare red states.
It's so amazing that conservatives want to give Obama the power to strip American citizens of their rights. Unless someone has done something illegal and not ex post facto illegal, there you go.
It's actually the fault of conservative idiots who refuse to get their children immunized, all over the country, it's a huge problem.
Doesn't anyone realize that the broadcasting of Outlander is beating Cameron hands down.
It's quite simple, Native American schools should start using other names for their teams. In the late 1960's a Native American inter-mural team at North Dakota, who's school name was the Fighting Sioux, used the name Fighting Norwegians. They should start that again. The Flying Schuas's for instance. It could become very ugly.
Good you know all this.
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