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Doesn't anyone realize that the broadcasting of Outlander is beating Cameron hands down.
It's quite simple, Native American schools should start using other names for their teams. In the late 1960's a Native American inter-mural team at North Dakota, who's school name was the Fighting Sioux, used the name Fighting Norwegians. They should start that again. The Flying Schuas's for instance. It could become very ugly.
Good you know all this.
It's so nice to see people following Rolling Stone. There are many other things they've exposed.
Such a Piketty argument.
Maybe the baseball world.
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Income Inequality

Mark4362 Wrote: Feb 12, 2014 11:19 AM
Productivity has been going up for decades, radically, and hasn't lead to increased income.
Without figuring in sales tax, which pays for many things in this country, you are still saying the rich pay all the taxes which is quite simply a lie without the entire truth. But hey, why not just continue to ignore truth and stick to conservative propaganda, it's soon election time. Are you overburdened, or just filling up space too.
Mike sheds the sales tax, it wouldn't fit his argument.
Pretty damn funny. No wonder you can read the bible and get what you get out of it. Hallelujah!
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