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Obama's "Tough Talk" on Iran is a Joke

Mark4362 Wrote: 8 hours ago (9:41 AM)
Yes, thank the Lord it had nothing to do with our establishing the Shah after toppling their government.
The shooter shot his girlfriend first, is that Obama's fault?
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The Best Jobs Report Of the Obama Era

Mark4362 Wrote: Jan 03, 2015 9:49 PM
Sure there m, just keep up your optimism.
Katie always tells the truth.
Certainly not on this site, the beach was too wonderful today.
Oh yes, just compare their jobless rates, oh my.
Yes, they shouldn't mention Minnesota which is kicking Wisconsin's economy in the butt.
Yes, Steve, it's just so easy to fool all of you. The jobs report is figured the way it always has been and can't be controlled by either party. Keep looking over your shoulder.
Yes, Joycey, everyone should suffer when they die.
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