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The People Who Count the Votes

Mark1963 Wrote: Feb 23, 2013 9:40 AM
So their system is as Corrupt as Ours? Not really. Considering the fact that the Media elected President Obama in November, by deliberately deciding who had won before all votes were counted, I think our system is far more "Corrupt" that any other in the World. In our case, the Media shouldn't be counting returns, ONLY Reporting them. And then, ONLY AFTER ALL poling Places in each State have Closed, should exit poling for that State be reported. National Exit Polling shouldn't be reported until after all polling places have closed. So whose electoral system is more Corrupt. Joe Stalin would have been thrilled to see how Power/Corruption have merged in Our present system!

The whole world waits with bated breath, or at least they should. 

This weekend marks the greatly anticipated Italian general election; however, this battle of the ballots has become much more than just your typical prime minister vote gathering event. 

The candidates include current Italian Democratic Party Secretary Pier Luigi Bersani who is essentially the stand-in for all of the following: Mario Monti, Mario Draghi, the IMF, Angela Merkel, the ECB, maybe even Ben Bernanke, and of course, Goldman Sachs. 

And despite being forced out of office in late 2011 by the aforementioned gang and replaced by...