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Feminists: Leave My Boys Alone

Mark1963 Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 3:01 PM
I seem to remember that within the last 10 years or so, some of the 70's era Feminists, actually realized they had made a mistake embracing feminism. Something about they now wished they had married and had children. . . since now, they're to old to do so. I wonder how they'd answer this question.
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Genderfication of Adolescence

Mark1963 Wrote: Feb 23, 2013 10:21 AM
I suspect that this isn't new. Even 30 or 40 years ago, some high school children were too busy to pursue relationships. For some, it changed, and they dated. For others, they remained relationship-free into and even through College, and then, after finding a career, they dated, and eventually married. The point of this article is obvious. The whole meaning of having a relationship has morphed into something that may indeed be "Bad", as far as intimacy is concerned. This is just another sign that things are changing. So what else is new?
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The People Who Count the Votes

Mark1963 Wrote: Feb 23, 2013 9:40 AM
So their system is as Corrupt as Ours? Not really. Considering the fact that the Media elected President Obama in November, by deliberately deciding who had won before all votes were counted, I think our system is far more "Corrupt" that any other in the World. In our case, the Media shouldn't be counting returns, ONLY Reporting them. And then, ONLY AFTER ALL poling Places in each State have Closed, should exit poling for that State be reported. National Exit Polling shouldn't be reported until after all polling places have closed. So whose electoral system is more Corrupt. Joe Stalin would have been thrilled to see how Power/Corruption have merged in Our present system!
For anyone who still doesn't under stand, I'll explain it whether you want to or not. The Islamist Radical Religious Zelots NEVER LEFT. So they aren't RETURNING. They're just telling the world they still have POWER!!! Any Questions?
That's FINE! If the Mediacrats, and the Communists in Both parties want to pay Higher TAxes, at their so called "FAIR" Rates, they're FREE to do so. As for the rest of us, Let We the People GO!
RIGHT!!! Maybe in the "new reality" the Librarian of "Congress" has the same Legislative "Power" as Congress. If so, that also needs to be changed IMMEDIATELY!!!
Excuse Most of Reasonable People for living. The ONLY cell phones that are subsidized are those that Welfare recipients receive. ALL OTHERS ARE Owned by those who carry them. Your answer reveals that you DON'T understand what Entitlements really are. So, Which World, or Alternate Dimension are you from where this is TRUE???
Yeah, and my "well" of income will be bone dry. Great idea.
No, just get the Obamanistas and their Comrade President out of office, Immediately. Replace them with true Conservatives, not led by John Benedict Arnold Boehner, and then see what happens. It the Best solution to the loose-loose scenario that I can think of.
Maybe fewer voters would be "Fooled", if the campaign season were limited to 6 months. Then, We the People wouldn't be force fed the propaganda for nearly as long. Naturally, restricting campaign adds to showing the differences between each candidate's view, instead of the concentrated attempt to bury each other in B.S. would also help. Follow that with Real Debates, and the voters would be better prepared to cast a well-informed vote. Of course if 51% of registered Voters actually voted, and the results were reported honestly, there would also be a difference. And if Exit polling results were reported after all poling places closed, that would help as well.
Absolutely Right! The present American Obonomy Began after Barack's first Inauguration, and will end only after he's permanently out of Office. An impeachment would certainly cause that welcome result immediately, when it happens. Then, maybe we'd be permanently out of the "Bush". So, am I right or wrong?
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