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The Economy is Also About “Values”

Mark1369 Wrote: Aug 14, 2012 9:29 AM
Narcissist behavior shows you to have too high a regard for your intellect as you view two noted college professors as a moron and a loon. Your inability to accept that people have different points of view shows you to be a dangerous demagogue that would follow your leader to put opponents in camps. It was people like you in the USSR and China that dehumanized people so people like you would go along with removing opponents from society.

Somehow we’ve come to accept, regarding government policy, that there are separate “economic” issues and “social” issues. The former being issues having to do with our pocketbook and the latter being issues touching religious values and behavior.

But this is a mistake. The economy is also a social “values” issue.

It’s about the extent to which we respect private property and it’s protected from politicians.

Respect for private property is disdained in socialist countries. Respecting the sanctity of private property reflects our values as much as does our respect for the sanctity of life and marriage.