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Rand Paul and the Rest of You Damn Conservatives Need to Get Off John McCain's Lawn!

Mark1369 Wrote: Mar 09, 2013 7:07 AM
McCain and Graham are prime examples of the losing strategy many Republicans have used this decade; why are so many afraid to stand for what we believe in. It just shows how much more work needs to be done to reform the party so that it will be a viable national party in the future. I do hope Sen Paul's action energizes more of the republicans recently elected and have them see that it is a good thing standing up for their beliefs.
Earl29 Wrote: Mar 09, 2013 7:23 AM
They could be just set in their ways, Mark. If so, they've been there too long.

I asked the president, can you kill an American on American soil, it should have been an easy answer. It’s an easy question. It should have been a resounding, an unequivocal, “No.” The president’s response? He hasn’t killed anyone yet. -- Rand Paul

I do not believe that question deserves an answer. -- Lindsey Graham

Mr. Holder’s letter answers Mr. Rand’s question, “Does the president have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill Americans not engaged in combat on U.S. soil. The answer to that question is 'no.’”--