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After Election 2012: WWBD -- What Would Breitbart Do?

Mark1369 Wrote: Nov 11, 2012 4:36 AM
One other factor in this loss were the people so selfish that they said Mitt wasn't my guy so therefore I will sit this election out knowing full well the damage Obama and his administration will do to our country. I hope the ones that sat out the election are happy as they watch the suffering fellow Americans, that want to work, go through in the coming 4 years. This "I will take my ball and go home because I didn't get my way" has to stop unless we want the liberals to dominate national politics for the next 40 years like they did after the Great Depression. I didn't serve in the Marine Corps to watch this country decline because others couldn't sacrifice a little of their concerns to avoid this coming disaster.

Many of us woke up the morning after the election in a daze and I imagine quite a few of us thought, okay…we lost, it is a new day…WWBD-What Would Breitbart Do? None of us can speak conclusively for him, but many of us were so deeply influenced and impacted by his leadership that in different ways his ideas live on inside of us.

Just before he died, Andrew called for a true vetting of President Obama, something that simply did not happen in 2008. Though he did not live to see it, many people led the charge and dozens...