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"The War on Whites and White Wealth" Run on that in the ned campaign, ok? Promise?
"...some sources are pointing to Obama’s ‘attitude...." Don't ya righties just hate it when the darkies get uppity?? You clowns are traitors and should be ridden out of town on a rail. Shame on the GOP!!!
"..the american people's means of self defense..." You're as paranoid as that poor, deluded mother. Get help.
You sense the emptiness in your life, don't you? What a pathetic comment to make at a time like this.
This is the second most offensive thread on the Internet today. The most offensive is TH's comment thread associated with the CT shooting article. Nice rag you run here, TH.
Townhall, if you had a shred of decency, you'd shut down this comment thread. Your readers are oblivious in the shame they bring on decent human beings. And you, TH, make money abetting them.
Which should be your first clue that you are clueless about appropriate, logical analogies.
Thank you for a dose of sanity, Alfred!
Man, are you ever delusional. The GOP has tried for YEARS to prove even one case; and has failed. Remember the AG crisis under Bush? It occurred because too many principled GOP appointee US Attorneys couldn't bring themselves to make garbage up that Bush's minions wanted.
Whhaaaaaa! If you cons ever want to win a national election in the future, you MUST get away from the whiners and deniers in your midst. A majority of Americans recognize these traits for the childish behavior it truly is....and will NEVER elect whiners and criers. Oh, and taking you at your word, an abundance of "incongruous" registrations is not voter fraud....illegal votes are voter fraud. Prove illegal votes, and explain your attempts to block legitimate access to voting, and America will listen.
"Minorities Disproportionately Worse Off Under Obama." Gosh, if that's true, why did so many minorities endure hours and attempts by you to deny their vote, solely to ensure you lost?
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