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Obama praised Sandra Fluck for being "brave" for demanding taxpayer funded birth control. Obama ignored a soldier imprisoned in Mexico, and Ambassador calling for help in Libya, and a police officer attacked by another black thug in Ferguson. Leadership in this country is morally bankrupt, reflective of an increasingly-bankrupt citizenry.
We are doomed, doomed I tell you.
That dumb bumper sticker should be slapped on every Muslim. Only guilty liberals who invented that idiotic slogan feel they need to lecture to us about coexisting, because they, like with every other problem, are too cowardly to face reality, the reality that muslims are more intolerant than any other group on this planet.
Because his Tranformation of America into a third world hellhole and its demise as a superpower cannot be completed, without hundreds of thousands of iolligals, future government deppendents. C'mon get with it. You know the answers to your own questions!
And of course cNN will lick up this story, because Paisley supports Obama.
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The High Cost of Liberalism: Part II

Mark11277 Wrote: Apr 23, 2014 7:33 AM
Thomas Sowell 2016...why cannot we find a decent, outside-the-beltway candidate who can articulate things as clearly as this?
There are nerds and there are simpletons. Bill Nye is both.
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