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Christmas. Now that's funny. What a made up holiday that exists for no reason.
No "Jobs Report" is ever good news for a 'minority' and never will be. Even when economic times are GOOD, 'minorities' stay in the double digit unemployment numbers. By the time the 'mainstream' starts crying about a recession, 'minorities' are already in a depression. Last hired, first hired, racist aggression while job-hunting and in the workplace once one of those "bone" jobs is tossed our way ... AND the fact that we do not create jobs for our own. Our unemployment numbers, because of these continuous disparities even when the economy is running well, stay at between 15-33% at all times. It's NEVER good news for a minority at any time. Never has been, never will be. Us so-called "minorities" gave up on America more than 50 years ago. It never worked for us even when we work (and die) for it. Happy Veteran's Day. (***rolls eyes***)
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The President's Non-Apology Apology

Marjie2 Wrote: Nov 08, 2013 3:03 PM
At least he was man enough to do that. Those wusses in the Bush administration thought they were too big to say they were sorry for being total and complete epic failures in American government. And he shouldn't have had to apologize because other people are incompetent, but I give him credit for being a REAL man and taking responsibility for a website he wasn't responsible for working on. If he HAD done it himself, or had his campaign staff to do it, that wouldn't have happened. Apparently, whoever did the job shouldn't have been hired, should be fired, and no one should ever use their services unless they, too, want a screwed up website. Less than acceptable professional work on systems administrators who need to lose their jobs post-haste.
LOL> Y'all so ig'nant. You can't enroll anybody in Obamacare. It doesn't exist and the federal law that governs insurance companies is called the Affordable Care Act. But y'all keep on trying ... ok? LOL!
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