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Judge Denies Tombstone Water

Marita Wrote: May 20, 2012 11:52 AM
Speaking of CBD, google my name : Marita Noon, center for biological diversuty, and watermelons. You'll see they have it out for me. They've also threatened me with a law suit.

It is fire season in the West. Reports say the early start is “not a good sign,” and forecasts claim the “combination of heat and dryness will only make western wildfires worse.” The predictions were made in the same week that US District Judge Frank Zapata made a decision to deny an emergency request by the city of Tombstone, AZ, to repair its water system damaged in last year’s Monument Fire. He doesn’t think Tombstone has a crisis. Zapata said: “Claims of a drastic water emergency related to public consumption and fire needs are overstated and...

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