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So how did you get this far into the replies then?
So true.
Well said. Sadly he considers himself as relevant to the world as Jesus was.
I'm concerned that he will be come more and more frantic to be significant as the Republican congress takes over and he becomes more irrelevant. He is showing signs of being mentally unbalanced now, and I expect he will get worse over the next two years.
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A Backdoor Tax on the Internet

Marion69 Wrote: Nov 22, 2014 7:30 AM
I am afraid tis president is going to screw up as much of the workings of our country as he can in the 2years he has left. He is mad about the election and determined to get even with America. Taxes are being used by this administration to punish those Obama is mad at, which is most of us.
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A Legacy of Liberalism

Marion69 Wrote: Nov 18, 2014 11:07 AM
Unfortunately the well being of blacks is being sacrificed on the same politically correct altar that the rest of us are being sacrificed on. Look at the revelations about the history and actual plans for the AFA, the politicians have a very elevated sense of their own superiority over the rest of us.
Certainly I would have to agree with O'Reilly. As for junk food addicts, making food stamps or vouchers good ONLY for healthy foods would help. Considering her kids ages, it sounds like she got pregnant again when the older went to school so she would have an excuse.
The biggest problem with fracking is the loss of enviro's power and fund raising ability for non profits. It is a nightmare for those who want to control every aspect of our lives.
We also need to end the so called non profit status fro any group worth more than $100,000, that will easily take care of small clubs. Then number of groups piling up million and billions in assets is obscene, meanwhile the rest of us are struggling to just keep afloat. Environmental groups are robbing us blind in their quest for money and power.
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Are New Ferguson Riots Inevitable?

Marion69 Wrote: Nov 15, 2014 10:49 AM
It s cold right now, they need to hook the fire hoses up to every hydrant in town and at the very first sign of riots, turn them on! That should end riots in a hurry with no injuries.
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