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When I see those who insist on more and more land being shut off from ordinary people via wilderness designations, land that they exclusively use and for free, start paying for their use, I might agree. We the taxpayers subsidize them and maintain their free. hiking trails, parking areas, remove their trash, etc, to benefit them only. When the Rainbow group of hippies insist on having a portion of a forest chosen by them assigned to the every year, they make it clear up front they have no intention of paying anything. That csts the taxpayer, while every dime the rancher can save keeps him in the business of providing food or America. I prefer my taxes go to food and energy producers, NOT self centered hippies and enviros.
For a very long time, the food and energy producers in our country have been maligned, cussed, made fun of, and threatened by liberals, who apparently have no clue that they can't survive without what these folks produce. These same people demand that more and more land be removed from use by all except "hikers". The taxpayers pay to build them parking lots, hiking trails, maintain those trails (enviros certainly do not want to waste their time doing the work), haul out the trash they leave behind, etc. Since their use is "good", they pay nothing and their use contributes nothing to the well being of our country. And then there is the huge group of Rainbows, who arrive at a designated (by them) spot in our national forests and camp and generally make a nuisance of themselves in nearby towns. They have long announced that they have no intention of paying for their use, even though they are supposed to. It is up to NFS and residents to clean the mess up weeks later when they are gone, and the land is not fit for others to use for several years. But this is just ok with the powers that be even though they offer no benefit to other people.
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Equality in Discipline

Marion69 Wrote: Apr 16, 2014 8:45 AM
Let's face it, political correctness has gotten totally out of hand, I suspect due to the fact it is a vote (and power) getter.
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Statistical Frauds

Marion69 Wrote: Apr 15, 2014 9:02 AM
I have never n employer that did not have a written pay scale So much starting with experience, less without, I made more when I had worked for 10 years than when I started, etc. In other words, the job, plus experience, plus years on the job all followed a certain pay grade. It really gets old having libs keep trying to keep everyone stirred up for their own benefit.
Worst of all Bundy is producing food for Americans at a time when our beef supply as fallen to 1950 levels. I guess the Obama's feel that there's more than one way to force Americans to quit eating meat. Of course they have shut off water to farms in California also, so maybe it is an attack on eating period.
The big problem is the power and clout of the environmental non profits, who are able to suck up billions of our tax dollars into their own tax free coffers. They, not the food and energy producers are ruling our country by purchasing politicians with our money. They are effectively shutting off our food, water, and energy sources. Many have millions in assets, a few have billions, collectively they have far more access to politicians than we the working people, and certainly more than food and energy producers. Worse they are so focused on power and money that they are clueless about where the food and energy comes from to begin with. The Nevada stand off is an example of this.
The less the government is involve, the better. Look at the stupidity of the Nevada debacle, all of the law enforcement arraigned against one American food producer, when they cannot/will not keep illegals out of the country. Armed militia against tax paying American citizens to protect a few turtles? Of curse Harry Reid and the Chinese want to build a solar farm there so they can harvest American taxpayer dollars in subsidies.
First of all, let's forget about global warming. The temperature was 15 at my home in Wyoming following a snowstorm dropping nearly a foot of snow at this 4000 foot elevation. Yes the climate changes...constantly and has since the beginning of time. The government, nor anyone else can change that. We all should of course live simpler lives with less throw aways, but you can't legislate that. It is inherently stupid for the feds to heavily tax workable energy that most Americans use and give the money to pie in the sky "renewable" pie in the sky renewable companies.
I think the D's are up for reelection also and didn't think voting for a monstrosity like that would help them much to get reelected.
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