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As a long time owner and advocate of firearms use and education I became a regular customer of Cabela's several years back when they opened their store in Lehi, Utah. Their assortment of various sporting goods and guns was always top notch and their sales people were very knowledgeable about the products they sold. THANK YOU Richard Cabela for your support of the SECOND Amendment and outdoor sports in general.
I hope the people of Arizona are smart enough to not re-elect him again.
We already know what his position will be so we don't need him to say anything. But if he was a REAL leader he'd have already spoken up, AGAINST what Maduro is doing.
Definitely never been crossed, more than a few dozen times.
Yeah, he needs to go play a few more rounds of golf, since he can't play a fiddle, while the world burns. That way he can find out about it all by reading the newspaper (undoubtedly the NYT), like the rest of us do.
Only idiots don't know why Obama is silent on this situation even though he wishes he could do the same thing here. It's because he doesn't dare publicly come out in support of Maduro or he'll lose even more support from the "moderates" in the Democrat party.
That's for sure.
Didn't Obama draw a "Red Line" that the protesters in the Ukraine "dare not cross" or else? Or else what Obama, if they cross it you'll draw another one? Just like all other leaders in the world, the leaders in Kiev laugh in Obama's face because they know what a P-U-S-S-Y he is.
No, but I AM tired of your babbling idiocy.
Well, the Iranians are sure as hell testing how far they can push him with their latest stunts of sending their "warships" to the limits of our territorial waters and making threats to sink our ships. I couldn't help but notice that he hasn't made any public response to either yet. They see him as weak and a joke, and his lack of actions on this matter, along with his insistence that they will honor their agreements with HIM (because it is him), not to mention his refusal to help the Iranian wlwction dissenters in 2009 are only reinforcing their impressions.
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