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Wait a minute harry, old bean, yes, peoples' insurance would get adjusted some every year. But until your stupid unaffordable abominable care act came along, nobody got summarily tossed off their insurance as a result of that adjustment. That's your doing, mate. And no amount of psychobabble is going to change it.
It's kinda funny how now that little barry has been caught lying, he thinks he can "regain peoples' confidence" by continuing to lie. The only way to gain confidence back is to walk the straight and narrow for long enough that people start to believe your word again. Like that is ever going to happen with this chump.
How's the view from under the bus, Martin? What, did you expect loyalty from your liberal masters? You became a liability, so it's off to the gallows with you.
They get around this by only allowing enrollment at a particular time in the year.
Yes, but you only need catastrophic coverage if you have assets or savings to protect. If the thousands in deductible/OOP would bankrupt you anyway, no reason to have insurance. There will be some number of people in an income range and with a lifestyle for whom this insurance just won't make sense. I predict after employers dump millions off their current plans, that there will be a lot (maybe more than were previously uninsured before 0care) that will opt not to purchase insurance.
I actually think 0care may lower individuals' health care spending. Once they realize their new plan doesn't cover anything until they've spent thousands they don't have going to the doctor, they'll stop going to the doctor. I also think it will become much more common than in the past for people to forego insurance at all. If you can't afford the deductibles no matter what, there isn't much point to having insurance.
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White House Promotes "White House Youth"

mariner5 Wrote: Dec 03, 2013 3:52 PM
Leave them kids alone. :-)
Any private company operating in this space would have to show compliance with the security requirements in HIPAA (required by the government, of course). Any bets that the government's own network here is not compliant with its own standard?
I'm not so sure about that. I think I saw somewhere that everyone (at least the ones who work for a living) would still have to pay for the insurance, they would just be buying it from the government.
There is a 4th parameter - the out of pocket (OOP) maximum. Once the deductible is met, you pay a portion (the coinsurance or co-pay) and the insurance pays a portion. That continues until you reach the OOP maximum, then the insurance pays 100%. So the OOP maximum is the the amount you would pay during the year if you max out your insurance.
Remind me again, just what the sam hill are we trying to accomplish there?
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