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"Is he aware that two state-level Obamacare exchange directors have resigned over taking ill-timed tropical vacations within the last two weeks? Here is the man who is more responsible for Obamacare than literally any other human being on the planet shipping off to paradise, leaving others to grapple with the consequences of the mess he's leaving behind." Guy, that is the most spot-on and damning comment I have read in this whole disastrous escapade. How can people look at this and not wonder if this man has completely lost his capacity to execute his office? And why oh why do we, now that we know for an absolute undeniable fact that this law is fatally flawed, have to continue to go down this utterly destructive path because the small cabal of idiots in the executive branch refuse to admit they made a mistake. This kind of lawlessness is the reason why impeachment provisions were included in the Constitution, but these rogues have wired things so that even that is impossible.
While I agree with you that is the way it should be, the reality is much different. If Phil had been a muslim or atheist making similar statements espousing portions of their belief system that others find offensive (e.g. honor killings), nothing would be done to them in fear of lawsuits, media firestorm, etc. Why would a person espousing Christian views not be afforded the same protection?
Correction: they are still trying to create the illusion of a working website.
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The "New Civility" -- Obama Style

mariner5 Wrote: Dec 19, 2013 10:48 AM
I never much cared for poetry of any sort until I read this poem by Kipling the first time. What an eloquent way to express the conservative philosophy. Everyone should have it displayed in a prominent place and re-read it once per day.
A non-sequitur is a false conclusion. It literally means it does not follow. Here is an example from Zak's dribble... Washington has failed to coalesce around any really substantive changes to America’s gun laws. Sadly, that means it is only a matter of time before the next mass shooting.”
Mr. Zakaria should look up the definition of non-sequitur, since he apparently did not learn about it in his "journalism" indoct..., uh, I mean, school.
Want to see something funny? Watch this video with the sound off. Little Jay's body language is hilarious.
And the law that was intended to give everyone equal access to health care becomes a two-tier system, one for the haves and one for the have nots. George Orwell had it exactly right - under socialism, some are more equal than others.
I agree with this. If this mess is allowed to play out, I can foresee an outcome where your obamacare insurance card will be essentially useless except for a catastrophic situation, and all real healthcare will revert to fee for service only. This is the only positive that may come out of this - people will re-learn the difference between healthcare and medical insurance.
Wait a minute harry, old bean, yes, peoples' insurance would get adjusted some every year. But until your stupid unaffordable abominable care act came along, nobody got summarily tossed off their insurance as a result of that adjustment. That's your doing, mate. And no amount of psychobabble is going to change it.
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