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He can impeded imports with an executive order, but anything against the Constitution is illegal. Midway USA and the others need to be aware of this and refuse to comply and send what ever a customer orders. If the government intervenes it will be illegal.
Why do you the the DHS ordered 1.4 billion (yes, with a b) rounds of ammunition? To fight the Turks?
We stand as a "ready militia" in supporting our armed forces and law enforcement, but more importantly against a government gone crazy. We have already sacrificed family and pay and shed our own blood, sweat, and tears to protect our country and communities. What did you shed? What did you sacrifice? I pray that you do not stand against us because if you propose to dismantle the constitution you will be standing against us and take this to heart; we have been winning this war for over 200 years and have no plans of giving up like Europe did. We have no where else to go this time.
Many of us are trained military or law enforcement who swore to protect the constitution. In Texas if we have a concealed handgun license we have been cleared by the FBI and officially told them we plan to own and carry firearms. Young people, do you realize that you are pushing the communist and socialist propaganda we fought so hard and diligently against? We have trained to protect the innocent with our very lives and are humble in the power and authority we have. You who speak out against us need to understand that when you talk of dismantling the constitution in order to be at peace with your idea of what is acceptable and what is not you totally disregard the reason for the 2nd amendment. We further stand as a "ready militia"...
Why do you think Morgan chose him? It is not for his eloquence. (What gets me is where the heck these people get these erroneous facts from and that very few people are calling them on it.) Anyhow, if Jones was as well spoken and refined as was Charlton Heston do you think Morgan would have invited him on the show? Unfortunately, one of Morgans best points that makes him a CNN figure is that he is trained in how to pull out the emotions of someone like Jones and then spin them around. Still, 104,000 on the petition to deport him for his communist views. That has to say something.
Pierce Morgan is a socialist from the UK who wants to be part of the new world order. Obama is inviting the UN to come take our firearms and the party politicians are all on board since they are already in the catbird seat. That said, I think that Alex Jones and Ted Nugent are invited for their star power but as a NRA member and an active advocate for the Constitution I do not like everything about how they represent our position. It is a simple fact that the framers of the constitution, after a thousand years of tyranny, saw that the only way to maintain freedom in this new country was to insure that each citizen had at least the right to bear arms against a tyrannical government gone crazy. And, it has.
I wish you could use that reasoning with the rainbows and unicorns crowd but they won't listen to logic. They have been completly brainwashed.
Obama is going to get everyone focused on gun control Feinstein style, and then pull out the EPA to regulate lead and Obamacare to calculate the cost of a single gunshot wound of a gang member. He will use those numbers to calculate the taxes he will impose and the democrats will jump on board with him. He can stop us, but he can sure tax the heck out of us. He's proven that.
All that is needed is a leader who can rally the troops.
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