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MarineGunner Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 2:35 AM
Actually, there is no "call" to be made. A Predator pilot in a dark room in Nevada is flying his UAV and identifies a terrorist. He reports it and requests permission to make the kill. Some low ranking officer says, "He meets the criteria. Permission granted. Fire at will." The pilot lines up the shot and pushes a button. A few seconds later, the terrorist is vaporized and we are a little safer. There is no legal or constitutional issue involved. The terrorist is an enemy combatant trying to kill Americans. Our military kills him, exactly like all other wars in all other times and places; only the technology is different. Is this really different from a soldier killing an enemy with a bronze sword? No. Did we fire-bomb Dresden? Hmm?

Random thoughts on the passing scene:

I can't get excited by the question of whether Senator Robert Menendez had sex with a prostitute in Central America. It is her word against his -- and when it comes to a prostitute's word against a politician's word, that is too close to call.

If an American citizen went off to join Hitler's army during World War II, would there have been any question that this alone would make it legal to kill him? Why then is there an uproar about killing an American citizen who has joined terrorist organizations that...