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How To Interview Hillary Clinton

MarineGunner Wrote: Jun 11, 2014 6:00 PM
The appropriate and only effective way to interview Hillary Clinton is by water-boarding her.
Notice that the GW purveyors have changed their GW mantra to "Climate Change" because GW has been proven to be a hoax and the GW scientists charlatans ... but this hasn't calmed the GW Chicken Littles. Nay! Nay! They just change the title of their fantasy and proceed with scare-mongering. Nevertheless, here's a thought for you to ponder: There are two possibilities regarding Global Warming (GW); it either is real or it is not real. So, let us presume for the sake of argument that GW is real. First, let's understand what we are proposing here. We are talking about controlling the weather of the entire planet, by our unerring weather prediction over the coming century or so, based on highly complex weather prediction models. Uh, oh! These are the same models that gave us the prediction that the global climate would be warming at an increasing rate during the past couple of decades. Oopsie daisy! The global temperature has NOT warmed during the past 15+ years. So, this proves beyond doubt that the models are worthless. But never mind that. Let's just change the name from global warming to global climate change, then anytime the weather changes, we are right. Good plan. Unfortunately for these morons, people (most people ... some people, anyway) are smarter than that. But, don't pay attention to that man behind the curtain. We are still proposing to predict and then control the weather during the coming centuries but we are stuck with the "inconvenient truth" that these supposed "climatologists" can't even predict the weather next week with any degree of certainty so how, pray tell, are they predicting the weather in the next century? Sorry. Just a wild and crazy thought. Back to presuming that they are absolutely accurate and GW is real. I know that this is a stretch but stick with me. These are the same people who can't control a brush fire in California, can't predict a stupendously large earthquake, can't prevent a single volcano from belching CO2 into the atmosphere, can't even predict the arrival of huge meteors headed toward earth when they are in plain sight, who are now going to tell us that they can control the weather around the globe by cutting down on automobile emissions and shuttering coal-fired power plants and building windmills. Really? REALLY?! ROFLMAO! Don Quixote is proud of them.
I'm old enough to remember when Jimmy Carter colluded with Senator Frank Church, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, to gut the CIA's human intelligence capability because it was discovered and became a liberal cause-celebre that the CIA had been using international criminal elements in their intelligence-gathering. [Oh, my! I am SHOCKED! SHOCKED, I tell you! Our CIA using criminals to help do some honest spying? My, my, my.] Anyway, our lack of human intelligence gathering capability on the ground was one of the major factors that led to 9/11. After 9/11, a Congress frightened out of its wits (they almost met the same fate as the WTC and Pentagon) reauthorized CIA human intelligence gathering. NOW we have the same bunch of leftist whiners and political sissies bashing the NSA and gutting its intelligence gathering capability. So, WHAT do YOU think will be the next escalation of terrorism against America? Nuclear backpack weapons detonated in major cities? Mushroom clouds over Washington, NYC, and Boston? Hmm?
In the Valley of the Unarmed, the man with one gun is King.
Sight picture, sight alignment, and trigger squeeze. THAT is proper gun-control. OooRAH?
Well, you got it partly right. They also need to post on Twitter: #StopTheGunViolence_Period_NoFoolingThisTime. When it starts trending, we will see an end to gun crimes. Especially if Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton and a bunch of Hollywood elites hold up signs with the hash-tag message. THAT will REALLY do it. For sure.
I think this every time I see a gun crime in the People's Republic of Kaliforinica, New York, New Jersey, or any one of the other states where people are stupid enough to believe that signs will stop criminals from carrying or using guns. How did the "gun free zone" signs work for those little kids in Connecticut? If there had been a couple of teachers or parents there with their licensed concealed weapons, how would it have changed the outcome? Yet, these people held some tearful ceremonies, tore down the Sandy Hook school, built another school, and put up more "gun free zone" signs to protect the kids. What is up with that? Connecticut water must contain stupid-pills or something.
Yup. Texas just might be the last place on the planet where a criminal wants to commit his crime ... especially in public where he will be properly ventilated by CHL holding, gun totin' Texans. And we like it that way. Oh, and if he is lucky enough to survive his stupid mistake, he will still have to serve time in one of the toughest prisons around. One more thing: If he kills some innocent citizen while committing his crime, it will go hard on him ... soon. Other states are doing away with the death penalty but in Texas we have an express lane. Don't mess with Texas.
Women are just as able as men to make their way in the business world but little girls who are unable to enter the business world on an even playing field should stay home. Women will never be trusted by men until they stop needing special considerations. The time when women can use sexist tactics to get a leg up on their male competition is drawing to a close. Men are becoming less willing to accept such tactics and the ruling today that gave an Army General a slap on the wrist for violating the UCMJ is a harbinger of things to come. He had an affair, which is forbidden by military regulations. However, the courts-martial judge refused to mete out the maximum punishment and, although it will never be admitted, it is likely because the female Army Captain who leveled the sexual harassment charge overreached. She had an affair with him for years. Then, for some reason, she decided to throw down the "sexual harassment card." Her complaint? He "forced" her to perform oral sex. Yeah, right. THIS is precisely the type of thing that robs women of their credibility and it is a common practice in the business world. I have seen it first-hand; professional women throwing the sexual-harassment card without real justification. This hurts women in the workplace because it creates a de facto threat against men; a threat that can cost them their job or ruin their careers. Men react by being overly cautious in their dealings with female colleagues, which translates into them shunning female colleagues except when they are forced to interact with them, then they limit this interaction to the absolute minimum. In the end, this is detrimental to the careers of women who seek no special consideration nor need any. It is thus that women are limited in their careers; not by macho, neanderthal male colleagues telling offensive jokes but by their sexist female colleagues. A person who is not trusted is not included and a person who is not included is not in a position to be successful. Trust is essential to a person's career, whether that person be male or female, and anyone whose presence creates a threat to their fellows is not trusted. Ms. Sandberg should curb her juvenile feminist petulance and direct her energies toward the very serious business of running her company, the management of which has been entrusted to her, before those nasty old bossy men on the board of directors change their minds.
Having seen the morphing of pot use into meth and heroin use, up close and personal, and how it has destroyed promising young lives and the lives of those who loved them, if I was elected Emperor and had the power of life and death, I would hunt down every narc dealer and producer in the WORLD and slowly impale them in public. Screw the banks and immoral, unprincipled politicians and their taxes.
Hillary may be the most dislikable politician on the planet. She is so incredibly arrogant and condescending that it pokes through, no matter how hard she tries to hide it. Her competition for the Democrat nomination is emerging as "Uncle Joe" Biden. LMAO!! What a great choice ... for Republicans!! I'm at a loss as to which would help the Republicans more and here's the really great thing: The Democrats are STUCK with one of them. They're over the barrel the same way we were when Bob Dole ran. They have TWO people vying for nomination, both of whom have an INHERENT RIGHT to be the next Democrat candidate. I am doubling over in laughter 'til my sides split at their dilemma. Oh, well. The Dems are screwed this time but, as my old Grandpappy always said, "It's an ill wind that blows no good." The nation will benefit by their absurdly ironic dilemma.
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