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"To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead." - Thomas Paine
Twitter not only condones this conduct, it promotes and encourages it by its lopsided "policing" of its interchanges. Twitter allows the most vile, threatening, and disgusting tweets by their liberal progressives but immediately suspends the accounts of conservatives who respond ... even in the most civilized manner with irony, logic, parody, and rationality, but without using expletives. I know this because my account has been suspended three times for this very thing. Although I have not been guilty of breaking a single Twitter rule as posted on their web site, their liberal progressive employees have suspended my account for, as far as I can determine, being a conservative who "punches back." I have complained bitterly about this to Twitter with no success. They continue to say that I have broken their rules but when I rebut their claim rule-by-rule and ask for them to please give me an example of an instance when my tweets have broken one of their rules, they are deafeningly silent. The only conclusion I can reach from their ridiculous conduct is that Twitter senior management not only condones such conduct by their low-level employees, they encourage it. Twitter is not a "fair and balanced" social medium. It is a leftist-liberal-progressive shill for the Democrat Party and their minions. I'm sure that I'm not the only conservative who has been suspended for nothing more than expressing conservative opinions and arguing them with the liberals who attack them. Anybody else out there had the same experience?
Given the revolt against Obamacare that is rapidly building, it would appear that Colorado is leading the nation in throwing out Democrats. I have now heard several of the main pollsters and pundits, including Rove and O'Reilly, predict a Republican "sweep" in the mid-term elections. If this happens, it may also spread to the state level and include Governors and state legislatures; such massive political routs tend to have big coattails. So, Hudak may be the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, and the Colorado legislature may soon be under new management.
All that's needed is to replace the name on the recall ballot to use the name of her replacement. ANY politician can be recalled; even her hand-selected replacement.
As a Marine combat vet of Vietnam, I couldn't agree more with your criticism of Congress and their cowardly conduct, which betrayal they are repeating today in Afghanistan and Iraq. However, I have to take exception to your blanket criticism of our general grade officers. There have been many general grade officers who have sacrificed their careers in order to oppose the moronic directions of their civilian superiors. Nevertheless, I would not change our system to put military officers above civilian authority. This has been tried by many countries and hasn't ended well. Still, there are many examples of the very problem you mention. A good example occurred during WW2 when Eisenhower relieved George S. Patton, one of history's greatest military commanders, of his command for political reasons. If Eisenhower had opposed the politicians and left Patton in command, WW2 would have been over sooner than it was ... probably much sooner. How many people died consequent to this decision? We will never know but we do know that there were some and it is outrageous that politics was inserted into military operations during a war and resulted in even one additional death. Another outrageous political decision that has cost many lives and resulted in starvation on a massive scale was when General Douglas MacArthur publicly opposed President Truman's orders to pull back to the 38th parallel from the Yalu River, where we had pushed the North Koreans and Chinese Army at the cost of many American lives. Truman fired MacArthur, pulled our troops back to the 38th parallel, surrendered North Korea back to the North Korean dictator. Truman was a traitor who sold our victory to the North Koreans and Chinese, kowtowed to the Chinese, surrendered millions of innocent Korean civilians to slavery under a merciless communist dictator, nullified the sacrifices made by all those American soldiers and Marines who spilled their blood for that land, and made America look like a paper tiger in front of the entire world. So, here is one example of a general grade officer who stood up to a stupid civilian order and was fired. Patton was another example. And, there are many others, some of which I'm certain that we were never told. So, we need to be careful about painting our general grade officers with that brush. I think that they deserve better.
I don't disagree with the premise, nor the truth, of your post. However, I believe that the article upon which we are commenting is about the performance of American warriors in foreign wars; in this case WW2 and the battle of Midway. So, your pivot to the potential for internecine civil conflict is a bit out of context. Should such a conflict occur, there will be military trained service veterans on both sides. Nevertheless, as you point out, the conflict will be between those who like "big government" in order to feel "more safe" and those who favor small government and individual liberty in order to be more free. As you cited, our original War of Independence in 1776 was fought over exactly these ideals and our founding fathers foresaw that this same conflict might have to be fought again. While none of us wish for such a war, as it was in 1776, it will eventually be forced upon us by those who seek to revoke individual liberty in order to reinforce or create what they see as "safety."
We came within a whit of losing WW2 on several occasions. First, we had essentially done away with our military during the 1930s and, when WW2 broke out, our military was incapable of defending us. Fortunately, at that time, we still had two virtually impassible oceans to protect us. We also were primarily an agrarian society and our young men across the nation had were marksmen who had grown up using firearms for hunting and other shooting sports and needed very little training in order to understand and master military application of firearms. Once the war was underway, our hard fought victories at Midway was one among a number of situations that might have led to our defeat had they ended differently. For example, Germany nearly had the atomic bomb before us but they chose a technology that used heavy water. We destroyed their heavy water factories on at least two occasions (it may have been three but I can't remember right now). Had they actually produced atomic bombs first, they would have bombed London, New York, and Washington and we would have surrendered first. Had Hitler refrained from invading the Soviet Union, Stalin would have not gone to war against Germany and the German armies that were wasted in Russia would have been dedicated to their eastern front with disastrous consequences for America and our allies. We may very well have been pushed off the European continent and subsequently lost the invasion battle of England. Ultimately, Germany would have reinforced Japan in the Pacific and mounted a strong invasion of America on both coasts and, perhaps, with the help of Mexico who could have easily been persuaded to join them in such a conquest. Remember that Mexico was friendly with Nazi Germany and refused to fight as our ally in WW2. Hawker is right. It is very difficult to explain our victory in WW2 without divine intervention. There were simply too many opportunities to lose that we somehow overcame without crediting God's help. Perhaps our "Greatest Generation's" greatest weapon was their unwavering belief in God. In those days, America was a Christian nation with an unblinking belief in and worship of God. We are not that America today, to our detriment.
Our warriors today are as good as any in American history. However, today's warriors are being repeatedly betrayed by our professional politicians and our nation is suffering international consequences of our constant equivocation in our war on terror; repeated failure to act decisively to defeat our enemies. International assessment of our trustworthiness, hence our value as an ally, is suffering greatly due to our cowardice ... not the cowardice of our military, which is the best in the world, but cowardice of our political ruling elite professional politicians who have proven themselves incapable of forming and competently executing a military defense action forced upon us by foreign attackers. Our professional politicians have proven themselves incapable of declaring war, even when we are attacked on our own soil. They have proven themselves incapable of prosecuting a war in an effective manner; to find and destroy our enemies and plant our flag on their real estate, which is the only way to win a war. They have proven themselves incapable of staying the course to victory. They have proven themselves incapable of resisting the temptation to insert domestic politics into how our wars are executed in foreign countries. They have diluted the strength and effectiveness of our military by using it as a vehicle for social experimentation, without regard for discipline, unit cohesion, and morale that are absolutely critical to our combat effectiveness and, ultimately, our national security. They have played partisan political games with the military budget, to the detriment of our military readiness to defend our nation. In short, they are not only betraying our military but they are betraying our nation. It is time for Americans to rid ourselves of the evil being rained down on us by professional politicians in Congress. We no more need a Royal, elite, Congressman or Senator for life than we need a Royal, elite President for life. It is time to convene a Constitutional Congress to Amend our Constitution to impose a two-term limit on Congress. Contact your state's governor and your state representatives and DEMAND TERM LIMITS FOR CONGRESS, NOW!!!!
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Boy Scouts: A Disheartening Betrayal

MarineGunner Wrote: Jun 05, 2013 4:06 PM
Scout ages are between 10 and 18. The implication in a boy of this age being openly homosexual is that he is sexually active; otherwise, he would have no way to know. This implies that the BSA now not only accepts but condones sex by and with underage boys. Since BSA now accepts and condones homosexual sex between underage scouts and males, do they also condone heterosexual activity between underage boy scouts and females? When boys attend their annual Jamboree, will they have demonstrations of sexual techniques? Will there be a merit badge for losing your virginity with another boy? Girl? What happens when two homosexual scouts who have been doing each other since they were 13 and 10 and the 13 year old turns 18 and they are caught in flagrante delicto? Sex with a minor is a serious, felony crime. Will the older scout be prosecuted as an adult and become a convicted sex-offender with all that this implies? Or, will scout leaders look the other way and allow the older scout to continue to plow the field of available young boys? What is to prevent it?
Remember that, if Congress truly wanted to make the Internet fair, they would remove the taxes they imposed on Brick & Mortar stores, to begin with, by simply removing all sales taxes from Internet sales. Period. But, they don't want to REMOVE taxes from ANYONE. They want to RAISE taxes and this is simply one more convenient lie to justify more taxes. Consider this: There is no way that the State of Texas is going to prosecute a small Texas businessman for not sending sales taxes to Mikey Bloomberg in NYC. No possibility whatsoever. Neither is Texas going to allow NYC to extradite that Texas small businessman to NYC to face charges there. So, the ugly little secret that Congress is not telling us is that it will be a FEDERAL crime to not pay sales taxes to NYC. And WHO will enforce this law? The IRS and the FBI. And how will they "pay for it?" By imposing ANOTHER federal sales tax on Internet sales. So, you see, folks, we simply cannot trust the bastards with our money OR the power to impose taxes. WE must decide how much we will pay in taxes and the only way to do this is to ban revenue collection by all elected governments, for any reason whatsoever, and collect revenue by ONE tax, one sales tax (consumption), collected nationwide at the same tax rate that is set by a Governors' Conference held annually on the same dates. If the Governors decide to raise taxes, they must put the issue before the people for a vote. If we vote it down, they must reduce the national sales tax by the same amount that they wanted to raise it. This will keep them from deciding to raise taxes every year like an out of control landlord. But BEFORE we can reform taxes, we must have a two-term limit for Congress in order to get the professional politicians out of Washington. DEMAND TERM LIMITS FOR CONGRESS NOW!!!!
Democrats propose new taxes. Republicans pretend to object. They pretend to debate. After awhile, the Republicans fold and they both get what they all wanted to begin with ... more taxes. They can never get enough, no matter how much they take. The only way to stop them is to term-limit Congress so we can rid ourselves of professional politicians. Then, we can have meaningful tax reform. Contact your governor and state legislators and DEMAND A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT TO IMPOSE A TWO-TERM LIMIT ON CONGRESS NOW!!!
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