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Oh no! We can't have financial, much less economic, literacy. How then can you manipulate the masses? (see Central and South America) Leaders, such as they are, can promise the world with a fence around it and the people don't have a clue whether or not it can be afforded. They just know that they promised it. Meanwhile the elected one and their cronies are shipping money out of the country to their private bank accounts as fast as they can. You can easily see the U.S.'s future in this.
You left out Global Warming - Oops, I mean Climate Change - Oops, I mean Climate Disruption.
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Win Lose or Draw

MarineCorpsVet Wrote: Mar 17, 2014 8:32 AM
Godspeed, Michael. (Ironic that you have the same name as the Archangel!)
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The Trees

MarineCorpsVet Wrote: Feb 24, 2014 11:10 AM
"clinging to their Apes and Abortions". I like that I will borrow it sometime with your permission.
I guess that the next thing we'll hear is the news that the FCC is buying millions of rounds of ammunition and automatic weapons!
It's hard to gauge the stupidity in this post.
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Website Follies of 2013

MarineCorpsVet Wrote: Dec 28, 2013 3:44 AM
Right on, Charlie!
I can hardly wait for the other shoe to drop. The mother will make a statement that will include the line, "he had a smile that would light up a room"! Too bad that this time the only light was the flash from a pistol.
Don't worry. They'll still be voting in this next election.
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