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Jay Carney can never ge his facts straight, everytime he tries he just flubs it up. He tries to cover up and look like a deer in the headlight. He knws Obama is wrong to use the tax cuts yet he tries to amake excuses for him. The middle class will get creamed so Obama decided to just raise the tax on people who own small businesses are already not hiring because of this tzx cut & Obamacare. So they get creamed, and its a losing battlde. Thi is N IMPORTANT ISSUE that concerns getting people back to work. When the June Job Report came out with only 80,000 jobs created Obama didn't tell the the people that 85,000 people went on Social Security Disabikity. In fact we have the highest number of people on Disability since 1992 which is a...
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Obama’s Goose Is Cooked

MariJoOneill Wrote: Jul 07, 2012 6:13 PM
I believe Larry Kudlow hit the nail on the head. Obama has lied to the American people in every speech he makes. Now on his bus tour he uses the same rhetoric just a different was to phrase it. He likes to blame everyone else for his own failures and no one on the left or the lap dog media questions this. His green jobs agenda was a complete failure and the taxpayers are on the hook for billions of dollars. The bailouts were wrong and the proof is there that it didn't work. Romney needs to take bold steps to get his message across. If people re-elect Obama this Country is doomed for sure.
Obama talks about 80,ooo jobs created in the month of June as a step in the right direction,yet he didn't tell people that in the month of June 85,00 people went on disability. There are now 8,733,461 workers that are on disability since 1992. Does this concern anyone in this Administration???? This breaks down to 1 in every 15 people are currently enrolled in Social Security Disability. The requirements were changed in 1984 to make applying easier . I think this shoud be looked into. I cannot believe that this many people couldl be disabled. This is not a criticism of someone who is legitamately disabled but it seems as if thre should be some kind of audit of this outrageously high figure.
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One-on-One with Marco Rubio

MariJoOneill Wrote: Jul 02, 2012 12:32 PM
Larry Kudlow always seems to give the real answer to economic problems that the people in this Administration do not understand. They have a one track mind and nothing will change it. Marco Rubio is another guy who speaks the real truth's without trying to give himself a pat on the back. We need more politician's like him and this Country would be on an upswing with growing the economy and getting people back to work.
Thisis true the Liberals and their civility routine make me ill as they are just the scum of the earth. They want this "fraud " in the White House and when he completely drags this Country down they go with it. So it will be boo-hoo for them they earned it.
Sarah, again I wrote of something similar the other day that no one ever mentions what the ATF and the rest of the Justice Department did to Randy Weaver & his family, plus Waco with another idiot Janet Reno. Thank God I have found someone with a brain cell tthat knows what this Government does and Eric Holder is a scum bag because what he wants to do is protect the balcks and the hell with whites. That is a fact. So anyone who wants to stand up for him is a fool. What about Brain Terry, I guwess he doesn't count because he was white.
You said it & I and many others totally agree
Thisis so true, to make the idiotic statement that they will read the billafter they sign it to find out what is in it. If this isn't idiotic then I give up. She belongs with the group she is with "left wing liberal idiots".
Sarah, you are so right, sometimes I am ashamed of being in the female gender and this is going back to the sixties when the "women" wanted to burn their bras. It was insulting then as it is now. I agree that the "now" group are jealous of Sarah Palin because of what she has achieved. as far as Nancy Pelosi she hails from St Francisco where people are allowed to walk around naked, and these are who elected her. She is more than a ding bat she is a total idiot.
Eric Holder should be held in comtempt for first of all Pardon of Puerto Rican Terrorists (FALN) group who were responsible for 130 bombings, 100 people injured and 6 killed. Was thi sokay or was this a crime. Then we have the non-prosecution of the "New Black Panthers" who were on tape holding billy clubs and trying to intimidate white voters in Pennsylvania. Also the pardon of fugitive billionaire March Rich. For these decesions he still has a job. The suing of states that want honst voting with a photo Id to prove who you are. This is ridiculous. The Brady campaign is just a token part of the gun grabbers in this Country who persecute law abiding gun owners for the crimes of the thugs running around the Country.
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