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Two Cheers For Glenn Beck, With Some Reservations

Marijane2 Wrote: Apr 14, 2012 9:44 PM
Glenn Beck has never claimed to be a prophet. He says over and over again, that he has done his research. He reminds us to not take his word, but to do our own research. Nice for us that more printed material is easily available that back up what Beck has been saying. We can, Beck believes, turn things around. It will take work. I'm thinking that a bit less of the tv garbage that kills brain cells, I'm sure, would be an improvement, for starters.
Louie13 Wrote: Apr 15, 2012 11:39 AM
Marijane, it is true that Beck has never claimed to be a prophet. But Mary is using the term "prophet" loosely. As you know, you do not have to be a prophet to see the storm forming on the horizon--many today see it coming, and are warning people, and are getting ready and warning others to get ready. And indeed, now is the time to prepare. It is too late to turn it around at this point though. The Great Chastisement of God and its Third World War and other disasters will begin this year, 2012. I know this because God has ALREADY begun carrying out his plan--things are already in motion.


Glenn Beck’s analyses of the history of authoritarian movements has many people concerned, and justifiably so. Most recently Beck has been laying out the ways in which the progressive movement in the U.S. has been following a three phase strategy to undermine the free-market constitutional order traditional to America.

He has also uncovered ways in which progressivist propaganda on behalf of President Obama taps surreptitiously into language of earlier extremist thought, most notably Stuart Chase’s book,” The Road We Are Traveling,” and his invocation of Political System X. Chase was a Fabian socialist who was influential in the left wing...