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Nice try, guvnuh. Islam made the Boston bombing terrorists.
I think Putin just took off his shirt and flexed his biceps at the EU. I think the response is always going to be Nyet from now on. Why is the American Communist Party (DNC) so angry at their communist counterparts?
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Overtaxed and Underpaid

Marie238 Wrote: 11 hours ago (4:47 PM)
Mr. Santorum, How much American wealth did you redistribute to all those American hating countries while you were pacing the halls of Washington DC's fancy taxpayer funded buildings? How much fraud, waste and abuse did you vote to fund?
Have you noticed how Obama doesn't step back from the podium to give his "appointees" room for their speeches? He is always in their personal space, like a hovering tyrant.
She has reached the pinnacle of her ineptness. Retire while you are on top of the fascists dung hill.
Hillary always looks like the dingo that ate the baby.
Someone needs to grab him by the hair, sit him down and make him read every cancellation letter of every person that has posted on the mycancellation website.
We have a bunch of Joseph Gobbels running the U.S. congress.
Guess it was a little more than listening to her phone calls. Reports generated mean specific targeting.
They are using "everywhere" to attack the west.
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