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Obama is an Islamic terrorist. He just hasn't strapped an IED on his chest...yet.
Illegals break all kinds of laws. Tax laws, identity theft laws, immigration laws, court hearing laws. If US citizens do the same thing, all these things are put on their "record" and they have a criminal record.
I wonder if Obama made a deal with his AQ buddies that he would not charge their pal Bergdahl if GITMO terrorists were released in exchange.
Silly Americans, gun laws are only applied to Republicans.
Assuming Obama will live through the next two years, the backlash upon the Islamic world is going to be a real douzy.
Oh snap...I guess we will be giving any oil from the expansion of oil pipelines. Every American job involved is not paid...They work for Free....wheeeeeee.
Has the Cambridge police acted stupidly lately...you know, making sure Afrikaano man isn't breaking into your house.
A wave "just beginning"? WTF. It's been a tsunami for years and all the government leadership seems to have in their playbook is turn off the lights on really big buildings for 1 minute of silence and then trying to kill or capture the particular offenders. There has to be something earth shattering to happen, such as mass exportation of arabs and north africans out of Europe. That way, the few that are left won't dare act like morons.
Time for David Duke to let the world know what Democrats he had relations with.
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