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The High Cost of Liberalism

Marie238 Wrote: Apr 22, 2014 1:44 PM
The rich liberals are the most amusing creatures on Earth. They rant and rave about "green spaces" while living in 5000 foot square homes situated on acres of land that have no neighbors.
Yep, all that raping, stealing, drug running, gang banging and DUIing is pure inspiration.
Obama's nazi army went after good, kind, hardworking Americans. Now the Obama nazi army is the ones that will be prosecuted. Four letters...LMAO.
Cat fight! Dang, no cat fight.
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Why the EU is Not Your Father's Europe

Marie238 Wrote: Apr 18, 2014 3:11 PM
The assholes, crooks, liars, and cheaters have to make their way in the world somehow. The more assholes, crook, liars and cheaters in the world, the more governments there are.
Is Russia even an armed citizenry? If the citizens don't have any guns, why would their version of the federal government even care?
There is no dance moves in toe touching exercises.
Clearly, Obama and his Hitler army didn't give a rat's backside about the people that got THEIR policies canceled because of Obamacare. Ain't that one a peach?
Nice try, guvnuh. Islam made the Boston bombing terrorists.
I think Putin just took off his shirt and flexed his biceps at the EU. I think the response is always going to be Nyet from now on. Why is the American Communist Party (DNC) so angry at their communist counterparts?
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