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How would you like it if the guy that put your new brakes on the car never read the instructions? Scrrrrreeeetch.......tumble, tumble...caboom!
I'm a 20 year veteran, retired in 2006, and this excuse from the "bad senator from Montanta" made me sick.
Anything that this Gruber chick ever touched, wrote, examined, etc should be reviewed for accuracy. He is obviously a monster liar.
Wow! She needs to resign and go back to her housework.
You would think that the big news networks would hire their talking heads based on things such as knowing what becomes a legitimate military target. Looks like MSNBC missed that boat.
There should always be a person wearing a "I'm With Stupid" t-shirt when standing next to Barry Soetoro. It should be a government mandate.
Didn't Obama state that he was still going to give subsidies to those using the Federal exchange? Break the Law much?
Look at all that global warming those sand jiggers are causing.
Time for France to bust out the guillotine.
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Israel's Justice Minister Tells Off UN

Marie238 Wrote: Jul 24, 2014 10:10 AM
Gunowner labeled this ongoing UN stupidity with pure genius...a gilded turd. That was awesome. We The People should commission a gilded bronze to put in front of the UN. A gilded turd would fit the bill.
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