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The response to Jihad has a name...Doctor Strangelove.
What kind of lies were the jury told to bring an indictment? Was the entire story available to them?
What I want to know is how the people got conned in returning an indictment. What was said, what was left out. That kind of thing.
Don't shoot....We have Ebola...
Collective eye roll from the police. Yep, not another person is going to be shot when they attack the police. Not one smidgen of shots ever being fired again, period.
Townhall, Are you sure she has no criminal record? I'm getting sick of feeling sorry for some American supposedly wronged by the police only to find out later that it was a person with a long list of criminal charges.
There really is just a veneer of 2nd Amendment rights in America.
The convenience store that was robbed by Michael Brown had to shut down for fear of their employees being hurt or killed. Way go to, Obama's son. You might be unliving now, but you also caused people with jobs to be out of work.
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