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Huh, they must have seen that video of muslims burning muslims and it made them mad.
Obamacare is turning into a worse situation than what previous insurance schemes had on the books.
So, the ISIS are Democrats...LOL!
It sounds good, and all, but the Kurds will have tough going as they have had for many years because Turkey is filled with a-hole crooked leaders and they probably won't let the Kurds live in peace. How did America respond to their bombardment by Turkey? Se dropped them a little food and water while were were stationed in Turkey to guard that Northern No fly zone in Iraq. Good news IS NEVER good news as long as people like Obama and Erdogan are in charge. Notice "dog" in t he middle of Erodogan's name and "bam" in Obama's.
Obama is an Islamic terrorist. He just hasn't strapped an IED on his chest...yet.
Illegals break all kinds of laws. Tax laws, identity theft laws, immigration laws, court hearing laws. If US citizens do the same thing, all these things are put on their "record" and they have a criminal record.
I wonder if Obama made a deal with his AQ buddies that he would not charge their pal Bergdahl if GITMO terrorists were released in exchange.
Silly Americans, gun laws are only applied to Republicans.
Assuming Obama will live through the next two years, the backlash upon the Islamic world is going to be a real douzy.
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