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That's good news for North Korea. Obama will be all over Kim-Kim like massage oil in Obama's Man Bathhouse.
The MO governor needs to be recalled over his ineptness.
What Schumer is doing is trying to tamp down anger so Democrats can start on minimum wage. He is setting the stage.
Don't believe a word of it. But even if he happened to be struck by lightening that caused him to tell the truth, it took 6 years for him to figure that out. 6 years times his salary plus all the benefits...medical, travel per diem, free lunches, etc. What does that add up to? Something like 2 million dollars...or more?
The blacks will love body cameras until they start showing what a bunch of animals they are.
Well, it's great that cops don't have permission to shoot white people. I might have to "borrow" a gun from a cop someday.
The democrats need all the little brown and black people for servers. It's probably getting more difficult to find white people that would want to serve those bloated pigs.
Yeah, because the Ferguson looters are only going to riot for about 12 hours. And it's impossible to find out any information at any time of the day or night with our 24/7 news world.
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Make Obama Own the Shutdown.

Marie238 Wrote: Nov 24, 2014 7:45 PM
That effing Mexican "friend of the family" sure wasn't worried about me when he tried to rape me when I was in grade school. He was kinda being mean spirited.
So, the intelligence community gets all the blame and the Oblamo Administration once again, slimes away. I guess Americans will find out the truth once the "secret" material is released (assuming America will still be around after all those years have passed).
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