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New campaign slogan...Not One Democrat.
So, she is a fraudulent voter.
The hard drives are too damn hard! Come on, even Democrats have to be saying enough is enough by now. Do they really want to fall on their sword for Obama anymore?
The VA will NEVER own up to causing deaths.
Meanwhile, over in the White House, the communists are chuckling.
Man, he looks so much like that pervy Frank Marshall Davis.
In order to be decisive, more than 10 or 20 thousand will be needed. You need as many as they have and much more. You can't wait a week or two for casualty replacements. Non special operations forces can't handle the 24/48 hour movement tempo.
Who is she talking about? Does she have any proof? The House needs to officially ask her these questions.
Meanwhile, he is standing on stage with a trophy in his hand.
So, from now on, Eric Holder is going to meet with every family that has their family member shot by a cop, right?
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