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The more I learned about this man, the more I liked him, more than any other presidential candidate. It's such a shame that he wasn't elected. I really miss not seeing him so I'm happy to know he will not be going away from the spotlight.
I thought Acorn was still around but changed their names. From what I read, there seemed to lots of voter fraud but no enough to change the election. If the Republicans would have turned out in droves, we wouldn't be in this mess & I don't know if we can ever turn it around. Looks like we will have a socialistic government because of this lost. This is what happens when people decide to stay home on election day.
I blame him for the dems attacking Romney on this War on Women as he started it with his nonsense on contraception.
That's why we never get the truth from politicians because they get crucified for it. What he said was true & the Republicans all attack him for it which is really ticking off the Romney supporters. At least Rubio was nicer about it but the others, I won't be supporting them that's for sure. I also would like to know who recorded Romney anyway?
Reid is one of the most disgusting senators we can have. He is a joke, just like his comment.
Romney was the best candidate we had as the others wouldn't have attracted the independents as they were too far right. Look what they did to Romney in regards to abortion & contraception & he wasn't an extremist. I blame those who sat at home & didn't vote. We also had those like Palin, Ingraham & others who showed only lukewarm support for Mitt. If Palin thinks she will be the next candidate, she can forget it as Rubio as it all over her. We also need immigration reform as this is killing us but because of the freebees, this will be difficult to overcome. I really think this was our last chance to save this country & we blew it.
The Tea Party should have came out for Romney & I blame them & those like them for the defeat of Romney. Tea party candidates, on the whole, do not do well as they are too far right. Don't they see we are now a center left society according to how people voted election night.
This is what you get when the majority of Republicans don't come out & vote. I hope you are so happy that you helped to re-elect Obama.
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Sarah Palin: Don't Lose Heart

Marie214 Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 4:03 AM
Sarah never really supported Romney & I have no use for her. She & her supporters think she will win in 16, dream on. For one thing the electorate has changed as we are now more center left & American will never be the same. We will be lucky if we see another Republican for a number of years. The one that could make a difference is Rubio & he is definitely more popular with Republicans than Sarah. After what she pulled in this election cycle, many Republicans are really angry with her.
Unfortunately we have a president who has been allowed to do just about anything he wants. I wish Americans would wake up.
Washington Examiner vetting Obama. They investigated Obama for 4 mos. & it shows he is not so caring when it comes to the poor.
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