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Republicans needs to stick with Obamacare, anything else will do them in & it is their only chance to take over the Senate.
You said it perfectly. We will never win if we can't unite.
Some of these Republicans are always looking for a purist so what do we get instead? Obama. There's no perfect candidate for everyone as we differ on our opinions on issues. Rubio would be an excellent candidate.
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Christie's Clever Call

Marie214 Wrote: Jun 05, 2013 6:17 AM
Not a fan of Christie anymore but calling the fat man is uncalled for. We should never make fun of anyone because of their weight because it is hurtful & I'm not overweight either.
Don't know what he is but he has always been fairer than the others. I also think he is the funniest one on late night.
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Does the Republican Party Have a Future?

Marie214 Wrote: Feb 11, 2013 7:58 AM
That's why we are losing because of these so call extrmists & Republicans not voting. I guess they preferred Obama.
Unfortunately Buck, too many conservatives don't get it. Look at the state we are in because so many foolish Republicans didn't vote & to these people I say don't complain about Obama as they helped to re-elect him.
MA is a very liberal state & even a moderate conservative has a difficult time to win an election. I was hoping he would run but I can understand why he wouldn't.
No other candidate could have done as well as it is difficult to beat a sitting president. In part we can blame those Republicans who stayed home & didn't vote. Those people can't complain about Obama because they helped him to get re-elected. How foolish of them.
The more I learned about this man, the more I liked him, more than any other presidential candidate. It's such a shame that he wasn't elected. I really miss not seeing him so I'm happy to know he will not be going away from the spotlight.
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