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Why Does Anyone Need to Read About Celebrities?

Marie169 Wrote: Feb 28, 2013 3:32 PM
Libs try to convince us that we don't need private property . We don't own ourselves , we are the property of the collective ( Communism ) . Our reward of hard work goes to the Government , who can then distribute it to " the people " . I grew up in the misery of a country( Eastern Europe ) that professed to be Socialist.....on the way to Communism ! Americans have no idea how miserable life can be with no hope of anything . There is a revolution in our future , for sure , but it may come too late for most of us .
lnoel Wrote: Mar 02, 2013 1:31 AM
I hope people in AMERICA listen in their hearts to your words. YOUR post here is the most impressive I have seen, I will not forget it, as I am inspired by the fact they could not take your mind.

Having given up on trying to persuade Americans that taking guns away from law-abiding citizens will reduce the murder rate, Democrats have turned to their usual prohibitionary argument: "Why does anyone need (an assault weapon, a 30-round magazine, a semiautomatic, etc., etc.)?"

Phony conservative Joe Manchin, who won his U.S. Senate seat in West Virginia with an ad showing him shooting a gun, said, "I don't know anyone (who) needs 30 rounds in a clip."

CNN's Don Lemon, who does not fit the usual profile of the avid hunter and outdoorsman, demanded, "Who needs an assault rifle to go...