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Obama Gives GOP a Bailout

Marie150 Wrote: Jan 12, 2013 3:27 PM
The American people have heard about our debt being too big for too long. They haven't felt any pain from it. So will not listen until the collapse. Warnings will not be heeded. The boy that cried wolf.
hmiller Wrote: Jan 12, 2013 4:30 PM
How is our Debt in relation to the GDP? Oooops my bad, I'm quoting from one of those educated, experienced economists'.

While fellow conservatives bash the president for telling Speaker of the House John Boehner that the country doesn’t have a spending problem, I offer Barack Obama another thank-you.

Just when I thought that the GOP’s own ineptitude was going to sink the party, the man-who-would-be-president proved once again that when it comes to being out of touch, you can’t get any better than the First Community Organizer.

Led by Barack Obama and the Democrats, Congress passed a budget plan that doesn’t even do what they said it would- keep taxes lower for anyone not a millionaire or billionaire.

So, now...