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Yes. Where does evil stop? It does not until it is forced to stop. Paul was murdering Christians. God knocked him off of his horse and blinded him. Then Paul was willing to hear the Word of God, Jesus.
Lesbianism is not love. Sexual attraction is not love. Feelings are not love. Sex is not love. Lust is not love. Holding power over another weak person is not love. Love is joyful obedience to God. God is love. Without God living in your heart, there is no true love.
These homosexual radicals have rejected God and stability and true progress that brings with it prosperity and liberty and purpose for individuals. They hope for nothing less than chaos.
It is physically impossible for same sex people to marry. They can have sexual pleasures but they cannot become ONE. These people are radicals in pursuit of the destruction of marriage. Marriage is the good foundation of a good nation.
Twenty years ago my congresswoman told me that BIG BUSINESS was calling her and threatening her that she had better vote for homosexual marriage or else. She was dumbfounded. I am still dumbfounded. Who are these powerful people and what are they HOPING to accomplish?
Where are the outspoken bigots except the homosexuals that are bigoted against the Faithful?
My teenaged daughter once asked her teacher in front of the public school English class, why it is okay for a child to become a homosexual but not okay for someone that thought he may be a homosexual to change his or her mind and become a heterosexual. Why aren't heterosexuals allowed to talk to children that think they are homosexuals about what makes heterosexuality a better choice for everyone? I laughed at her innocence and good logic.
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