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A False Sense of Security

Marie150 Wrote: Dec 17, 2012 10:09 PM
I am sure there must be a correlation between drunk, drugged, violent, neglectful or overbearing parents and a violent son. My brother worked with juvies. He said 99% of the boys in there were from divorced parents. The only tool that worked to set them free was coming to faith in Christ. And the government fought them at every turn. They did not want the Bible to be studied in prison.

This morning, when I took my children to school, there was a guard at the gate for the first time.  Obviously, the school intended it as a thoughtful gesture for anxious mothers.

But that's the point.  Most of the "solutions" being touted offer only a false sense of security.  To that point, Ron Fournier had a compelling piece in today's National Journal, titled "What If Nothing or Nobody is to Blame for Adam Lanza?"  Fournier writes:

What if there is nothing or nobody to blame? Would that make this inexplicable horror unbearable?

What if we didn't rush to judgement?...