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Keep in mind, in 1830's God revealed in D&C 98 & 101:77-80 that He created our US Constitution for the freedom and protection of all nations. That means that we are an unpaid army for the protection of our nation; and we are an unpaid police force preventing more crime because of fear the thief etc. might get shot. IF we let our government change our constitution to take away our guns, they will have authority to change another part and take away our other rights and protections. Divine-Way.com has information on what it is we really need protection from. Stay in peace; use social media often and respectfully lifting our voice in support of our constitution. That gives the government or UN etc. no authority to use weapons and police against us. That is the salvation of God. He is our Savior when we do what He says.
Iran should take a lesson from Japan and realize the dangers of accidents or sabotage with nuclear plants that far exceed the need for energy. Modernization enslaves the people and pollutes the air, land, water and food leading to extinction; and it is against God's guidance in all holy books. The goal is a garden paradise with fresh food for good health. God promises rain in due season for obedience to His word; but 4 x 7 curses to those who refuse UNTIL they turn to Him in truth. Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28. BibleGateway.com has Bibles in many languages to search online, free. Qur'an says to follow Torah. 5:68, 69, 42:14-16
We are going the wrong way; by focusing on the money issues of businesses, workers, government and the different nationalities and genders of workers, we are blinded to the reality that we are polluting ourselves into extinction. IF our economy and that of the world miraculously became prosperous for all, we would only reach extinction faster. Already our young and old are diseased; and our only remedy is insurance to help pay the bills. We embrace what God warned against, debt, interest, insurance, and seeking riches and honors or degrees and we have become lifelong slaves to our own errors; and now we seek to begin the cycle with pre-kindergarten. We pay big taxes for teachers and the education system to ensure that our children also live enslaved to glorified slavery that we call prosperity and the American dream. It is time to wake up, shake off that bad dream, and turn to the task of loving and caring for our neighbors and build a garden paradise lifestyle of true freedom. That is eternal life, without pollution and extinction. The way is prepared for us to quickly solve the many problems we created by ignoring wisdom written in all holy books to live off the land and enjoy life, thankful and satisfied.
It is not morally wrong to do without health care. The Bible commands us to trust God. Jeremiah 17:5 Thus saith the Lord; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord. Health Insurance, including ObamaCare, is counter-productive; it produces what you do not want. In God's earth, when you sow a payment for health insurance, you expect to harvest a payment of medical bills; you must first have a medical need. See ChristianScience.com videos and lectures and see how better understanding heals even what doctors cannot ease. It is the science behind Jesus' healings detailed in the book Science and Health with Keys to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. She is mentioned in a Communist address by LP Beria on "PsychoPolitics" whose teachings in the Pentecostal Bible must be stamped out even by the government or it will prevent control of the people through Mental Health Care. http://www.divine-way.com/psychopolitics_communist_address_health_care_control.html#.UqZuJfRDte4
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IRS Targeted Groups Based on Views

Marie143 Wrote: Sep 26, 2013 4:50 PM
Social Security sent me a notice saying I owe $2560 because they overpaid me. My website Divine-Way.com is very conservative and full of evidence against our government and its policies and connections. I have not non-profit status, I'm just one person, and I only get minimal Social Security. I expect this to turn to my good, since their statements do not line up; but I asked them to check to see if the government is using their agency against their wishes.
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