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Too Expensive to Die

MariansMusings Wrote: Dec 31, 2012 11:01 AM
Politicians set limits on taxes, etc, then push the middle class over those limits with inflation. If you don't understand our current inflation, then go to the grocery store. The ounces in each package keep dropping even if the container does not. I have recently seen beef in the grocery store at over $16 per pound. Price of gas has about doubled since Obama took office. While this is happening you are drawing virtually no interest on your savings or investments. The inheritance grab is only the top of the iceberg. MusingsbyMarian dot com

The end is near.  Some kind of decision will be made on the fiscal cliff mess but it will more than likely be nothing substantial.  Knowing Congress, it will be a shot of morphine to ease our pain as we continue to be on death watch.

Speaking of death watch; no one other than financial gurus and geeks are talking about the impending rise in the estate tax.  Is no one paying attention to this blatant theft of savings and assets that have already been taxed once?

If nothing is done, on January 1, 2013...