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It's Time to See Joe McCarthy For the Hero He Was

MariansMusings Wrote: Feb 26, 2013 10:15 PM
“I am a little astonished at times, that too many adult Americans do not understand the nature of the fight against Communism as clearly as I understood it at the age of 12; they continue to believe that only the methods are evil, while Communist ideals are noble. All the victories of Communism since the year 1917 are due to that particular belief among the men who are still free.” These words were written by Ayn Rand, an author that experienced first hand the true effects of communism. McCarthy also understood, so he had to be squashed. Except for Reagan, there have been no serious efforts to rein in those that are intent on destroying capitalism and therefore our way of life since.

Freshman Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas is just the latest in a long series of public figures to be reviled for "McCarthyism" following his recent questioning of Chuck Hagel, President Obama's nominee for secretary of defense. The response? Conservatives have rushed to defend their own against the charge. To understate the case, that's not enough. It's time to debunk McCarthyism itself.

No matter how much evidence vindicating the late Sen. Joe McCarthy comes out, what we call McCarthyism remains anathema in American life. Simply to utter the word is to deep-freeze debate, even thought itself. Even as we learn about the...