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I’m A Traffic Survivor

margo31 Wrote: Jan 12, 2014 2:13 AM
Derek, This is exactly why I wait until midnight every Saturday night to find you on Town Hall. Exquisite satiric sarcasm, exquisitely sarcastic satire. Where is this man's Pulitzer? This is perfect. Reading these words somehow made it a little better, knowing they were out there for the rest of the world to hopefully read and celebrate. Perfect. Thank you for punishing those total fools. All so full of themselves!
Everything she says in this clip is an absolute fabrication, and while she's spouting on and on, she waves her hand around exactly the way her evil twin Pelosi always does. Do they think that hand flapping around makes their flapping lips seem more believable? She is despicable!
Anyone who thinks SHE belongs at the head of our government~~ after watching her and listening to her respond to Rand's questioning about the State Department's handling of the deaths in Lybia~is absolutely NUTS!
You are so funny! This is just perfect!
I constantly have to look away, won't set eyes on this guy or listen to his voice, but a picture of him~ at all different angles~ seems to pop up as a reference point along with every TH article! Would you PLEASE end this practice! Not necessary or appreciated!
I am so disappointed you chose this topic to pay attention to and write about. This is just another unimportant distraction.
There is no rightful reason to ever cast a vote for O or anyone he has inflicted on this country(Hillary!) ever, ever again! He has done so much damage, and she'd done as much as he has these past two weeks. Yes, Romney needs to go after the whole incompetent team, and help this country to recover from them. And if Derek's first premise is used, O should not just throw the money he grabs, he should be shown stuffing into his friend's pockets!
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We're Hiring a New CEO

margo31 Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 9:08 AM
It's not really clear at this time that really IS his legal name.
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Letters That Need Never Be Sent

margo31 Wrote: Sep 23, 2012 12:32 AM
Derek, Usually at midnight Saturday night, as fast as I can, I'm finding your column and laughing, but not tonight! This is not funny, but actually pretty believable! Love and tears, From Crying.
L.Z. Oh, yeah we absolutely see it and buy it, and don't want it. How sad if you represent anyone but yourself here, what are you thinking?
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