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She Warned Us

Margaret404 Wrote: Jun 12, 2012 8:36 AM
It didn't take a genius to foretell the disaster this currency would bring. It was and is proving to be a domino disaster. You can not link so many diverse countries together without a main source of control. Even I predicted that.
howard194 Wrote: Jun 12, 2012 9:10 AM
it will be interesting to see if germany continues this disaster or cuts the rest of europe loose or some weird combination of the two...

they never destroyed their deutschmark presses, plates and dies... will they dust them off?

One of many things left out of the film "The Iron Lady" was Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's warnings on the effects a single currency would have on the economies of European nations. Thatcher's premonitions place her among the great political prophets of all time.

On the single currency, Peter Oborne, a columnist for the London Daily Telegraph, writes, "Mrs. Thatcher foresaw with painful clarity the devastation it was bound to cause. Her autobiography records how she warned John Major, her euro-friendly chancellor of the exchequer, that the single currency could not accommodate both industrial powerhouses such as Germany and smaller countries...