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The only war on women that I, as a woman, see is the one turning women into dependent, whiny people looking for everything to be handed to them, instead of encouraging them to be independent, empowered and self-sufficient.
startpage is also good and gives you google results with anonymity.
Well, gee, Border Patrol, as the government is fond of telling us when they're trying to take our Constitutional rights, "If you're not doing anything wrong, you've got nothing to hide."
He has paid grazing fees to the county and he claims he has an easement granting him surface water and grazing rights.
- Bundy is the last of 53 ranchers who grazed herds on this land. His family has been using it since the 1870s. The rest have been driven off - and out of business. - BLM "reclassified" the land 20 years ago. - Claims of protecting the desert tortoise are bogus because the BLM has started killing them in large numbers due to "lack of funding" to care for them. - BLM's replacement excuse is to make it a "conservation area", but conservation of this type of land does not preclude grazing. In fact, buffalo and bison roamed here. - The BLM is destroying wells the ranchers built and maintained on the land (the "land restoration" they're doing). - Cattle are being rounded up, at least in part, by helicopters and some cattle are dying due to running in the desert heat. - In its wisdom, the BLM chose calving season for its raid. Calves are dying from being separated from their mothers. - From Day 1 the BLM showed up with hundreds, including snipers stationed around the area, and Blackwater type mercenaries. - Nevada state police on the scene have been turning their backs on the BLM because they don't approve of the tactics. - County Sheriff Gillespie has refused to act to stop the BLM, although it is within his authority to turn back the feds when they act against the public safety of citizens. - BLM is making millions on similar cleared lands in northern Nevada, auctioning mineral and gas rights once ranchers are cleared.
American high schools used to include firearms training in physical education. We had boys and girls shooting teams. Children learned the proper handling, respect and understanding of firearms and we did not have all this rampant fear of firearms. People who want to restrict firearms and ownership are invariably people with zero experience with firearms. Their fear is born of their ignorance and the fear results in calls to overthrow the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We need to get firearms training back in schools to combat this irrational fear.
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