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Spending and Morality

Marek3 Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 2:45 PM
While I agree with you 100% in terms of morality the argument is actually not a good one. Why? Because state does a lot of things that individually is immoral, this is part of what State is, i.e. legalize use of force. As examples. Tracking down and killing a person who raped your wife is murder, even if we may understand such act and secretly approve. However when a State executes same rapist it is justice. It is immoral to kill innocents, but perfectly normal (if not desirable) during War. For instance almost all people who died in Berlin during WWII were innocent only fraction were military (and yes I understand that those innocents were also culpable by electing Hitler in first place) . State has a dominion over legalize use of force. Such force, when used by State becomes acceptable and even moral (such as killing Nazis who were human, at least on the outside), yet being immoral in a private case. Taxes are use of force and taxes are something that must happen to support State and as such essential. Even though taxes are theft of private property. Obviously I would and do consider Income Taxes to be immoral and unacceptable, but that is another issue. The problem is not right or wrong of theft when committed by the State. The problem is with society who has been conditioned to believe that State is doing "good" with its use of taxes and with such intervention poor would starve. So while I almost never disagree with Mr. Williams, and I don't disagree with him in spirit, the argument used here is spacious and doesn't work to explain why the actions are bad and in fact immoral.
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The Wisdom of Divided Government

Marek3 Wrote: Jul 02, 2014 8:21 PM
Heh I am such a Racist! The more I read Dr. Carson the more I want to see: Dr. Carson as President Ted Cruz as VP Allen West as Secretary of Defense (wonder how many people would bug us then?) Thomas Sowell as Primary Adviser (need new office for him created) Hmm need a good spot of Walter E. Williams Also need Secretary of State but don't have a favorite for that role ATM. ;)
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Economic Freedom

Marek3 Wrote: Jul 02, 2014 8:10 PM
This is precisely what I've been saying for a very long time. Socialist sells itself a "masses" Ideology. I.E. where everybody owns everything and is equal. Capitalism is sold as some kind of Elite only where poor suffer. But what is the reality? Capitalism is about Free Market, and what is a Market exactly? Market is simply free transaction between people. Another way of saying Market is: "People". Everybody participates, everybody gains for trade is by definition two way streets. It is Capitalism that creates greatest equality (complete equality isn't possible), greatest opportunity, the largest "Elite" class (which is to say huge amount of people at the top), etc... Socialism is a system whereby few own everything, while many support those few. SO in other words Capitalism is what Socialism preaches to be, but actually achieves it. Within capabilities and possibilities of real world and not fantasy.
While 30 year war had certainly religious elements it is false to make it a religious conflict. The war was about European domination and fought between Holy Roman Empire, France, Spain as well as England, Papal states and numerous smaller combatants (Poland, Dutch, etc..). France, who were supposedly Catholic fought on side of protestants as well as against, depending on the current requirements. 30 year war was in fact war of control launched and maintained by the different power centers in Europe. Islam doesn't have organized center, and as such one can't have reformation nor counter reformation only groups within fighting for control. While it is true that some fight for Caliphate, it is equally true that most fight for their slice of the caliphate i.e. Iran for Iran hegemony, Egypt for Egyptian and lots of restoration of Arab "greatness". It is almost important to note that Islam, unlike Christianity, isn't only a religion it is a movement of various parts such as Social, Economical, Religious, Racial (depending on location), etc.
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Playing a Name Game with the Redskins

Marek3 Wrote: Jun 25, 2014 5:11 PM
I am offended by RAP. STOP IT I am offended by Communists. Remove them I am offended by Nazi/KKK/Black Panthers. Remove them I am offended by Democratic name (they aren't democratic so it is a lie). Outlaw them! I am a minority as well; hence you should give me everything I want, and outlaw all those things which I find offensive.
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Sotomayor makes case for affirmative action

Marek3 Wrote: Jun 23, 2014 12:50 AM
Of course SHE would. She is an affirmative Action judge; which is to say incompetent, incapable but the "right" color/sex. Who cares that she is clueless about her job? Wonder how many would trust affirmative action brain surgeon? No? well she has far more power than any surgeon.
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Slavery Reparations

Marek3 Wrote: Jun 18, 2014 1:57 PM
If they want reparations they need to get those from their countryman in the West Coast of Africa, otherwise known as the Slave Coast. The business of Slavery has been well established WELL before Europeans even thought that passage to India is possible (via the West), heck Arch of Trajan was brand spanking new and Slavery already existed. VAST majority of Slaves went to Middle East only fraction came to America. Most of those that came to the Americas went to South America. Is Slavery Evil? Clearly. Was Slavery the most common of human institution throughout the world? Yes. British abolished it in most of the world in mid 19th century, and America did via blood starting in 1861. As for myself. My ancestors lived in Poland since time immemorial, I nor my family, have ever owned slaves. How exactly am I guilty of anything, slavery related? As to White privileges? Really? I was denied Scholarship, promotions, and even job (not enough quota) because I am White. I started with 0 to get where I am, and no door was ever opened to me without me knocking on it first. I am Polak with a heavy accent (partially deaf I can't hear my own accent so can't change it). There has been plenty of fun being made of me, plenty of discrimination as well. Have I ever complained? HELL NO! Americans didn't come to my country, I came here, and I worked damn hard for what I have. It only made me stronger, If people stopped complaining and learned how to work, they would discover that (until Democrats destroy it) this IS a land of opportunity. But opportunity wasted by bitching gives nothing.
Heh, I always say the same thing. Unfortunately people have no idea what Fascism actually is, and believe that Fascism = killing Jews which is nonsense. Almost all of the Western countries especially US are actually Fascist and NOT conservative nor socialistic. At least economically speaking.
You are right, it is miss statement in legal way. What I meant is that he was impeached, but nothing happened to him since the Senate missed the vote. or to put it another way it would be kinda like Grant Jury which authorizes a trial, but it a jury that actually convicts and can propose a punishment but Judge issues it (in most cases). Similar to that.
Precisely. However commonly it is believed that it is removal from office which simply isn't true. Heck one could be impeached for committing murder and not be trialed at all, nor punished at all.
Clinton was impeached legally. Which is to say he was convicted. What people do not quite understand is that impeachment doesn't mean removal. Once you are convicted than a punishment is voted on, which USUALLY but not always is removal. So the Senate voted as to removal of Clinton, but failed to do so by 1 vote.
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