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WTF are you bubbling about?
and think not thing.. God this is going to be a long day.
ARGH! Townhall, EDIT Button Please! Educational.
I do; but it is education that this is first question asked. Very telling of people who claim racism first thing of Race. I think it is similar to thieves who assume that others steal ; or for liers to assume that other lie. Or to put it simply, Kettle meet mr. Pot.
How exactly could you stop the Executive Order without Senate?
I so wish Townhall had an edit button.. my first sentence made no sense: "I am replying to what you wrote and nothing more" is what it should be.
I am reply to what you wrote and nothing more. Government is indeed a group of Human beings; so is Mafia neither are easy to get rid off. The problem with uncontrolled Government; which is largely what we have; is that Government by its very definition has monopoly of power. This means that it tends to attract people who want power over others; therein lies the greatest danger of Government. We must always ask ourselves why we are trusting Government to do something; and only if we see the cons of if it should we allow it to do so. There are almost no pros (if they are any) of our involvement around the world today. We are there due to our own egos and due to few people who want control over many. I do not support Anarchy; but I do believe that GOvernment is the greatest threat to Humanity and always has been. Which is why Government should be tightly controlled and its power unleashed only when there is no other choice.
First of all, I am not a supporter of Ron Paul; even though I agree with much he says. Your choices, however are wrong. It isn't a matter of Military vs Girl Scouts (although maybe if they could sell their cookies to Middle East we could eliminate war there ;) ). The choice is WHEN to use Military and the size of a Government which can use Military at whim. The second part of that goes down to the notion that not only Government can use forces when it feels like the general population is conditioned to think that such use of forces is "good". Wars sometimes must be fought; but we have gotten trigger happy since Spanish-American war. The solution sometimes is to let thing happen, and sometimes is to not get involved. Good portion of the Middle East and Africa fall under this. If and when our national interest are actually at stake (and they weren't in Somalia for instance) only than and only via proper Constitutional decree should military be used. Secondly we assume that our involvement is a good thing that will solve whatever problem we want. Is that true? Is Africa better due to our involvement? Is the Middle East? Have we solved the problem in Korea (although S. Korea could be claimed to be a victory) or Vietnam? Is Yugoslavia stable now? (yes I know the Irony of that Statement). Is South America free and peaceful? When was the last time that our intervention has done what we set out; when has the Foreign Aid? So the right question is; why do you trust the Government; especially one that acts Unconstitutionally to do the right thing? Depends on Pandemic, considering how we thus far handles Ebola and now send troops there? I think Burger King has far better claim on proper actions.
Nothing is certain, a Zombie Apocalypse might happen tomorrow or a giant Asteroid might come down on us. What is certain is that Black Death was a result of ignorance of the causes and could easily have been prevented by simple hygiene. It is also certain that the only reason we have Hygiene and education of its needs, is due to the wealth of our society. Which is why Pandemics do not tend to happen in the first world nations. There is only one certainly in life, everything else is a matter of trying to do least harm.
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